Intercom’s Instagram app lets you handle conversations from Instagram directly in your Intercom Inbox. Meaning your customers can contact you in the most convenient way for them, while you take advantage of automation, Inbox rules, and more.

Checklist before you install the Instagram app:

Installing the app and connecting your Instagram account

You’ll find Instagram in the Intercom ​​App store. Click “Install now” to add it to your ​​Intercom workspace:

After installation, go to “Settings” to connect your Instagram Business account. Click “Connect Instagram Account”:

Next, you'll need to “Log in With Facebook” (or Continue as the account you're already logged in with):

Then choose which Instagram Business account you want to use with Intercom. You can select one or multiple accounts here:

In the next step, select the Facebook Page(s) that your chosen Instagram Business account(s) are linked to:

It’s important to keep all options turned on (“Yes”) for this integration with Instagram to work properly. Then click “Done” to finish connecting with Instagram:

Return to the Settings tab and you’ll see the Instagram account(s) you connected are now listed. Select “Connect Account” and then click “Done”:

Tip: If you can’t see your Instagram account listed, try refreshing your page. Also make sure your Instagram Business account is connected to your Facebook page and you have allowed access to messages for connected tools in Instagram.

Additional settings

You can choose to toggle on/off the ability to receive:

  • Replies to your stories

  • Mentions from other user’s stories

If either setting is toggled off, these types of messages will be filtered out so they won’t create conversations in your Inbox.

Note: You can connect multiple Instagram accounts by clicking the “Connect Instagram Account” button again. Once connected, all accounts will show in a list at the top of the Settings tab.

The teammate experience

When a conversation is in Intercom, it can be easily identified by the Instagram icon and reply expectations will be set automatically by the existing task bot.

Teammates can now reply from the Inbox as they would with any conversation! CSAT conversation rating will also be triggered if you have this enabled.

Important to note:

  • Teammates can send text and emoji messages as Instagram replies.

  • Teammates can’t start new conversations on Instagram from the Inbox.

  • Only task bots for Set Expectations and CSAT conversation rating work on Instagram.

  • Resolution Bot and Custom Bots won’t work on Instagram conversations.

  • A new lead is created the first time a customer sends a message on Instagram. The same lead will be used again if the customer sends another message in the future. It’s not a good idea to merge these leads with existing users because it could cause errors.

  • If a new Instagram message is sent 5 days after a conversation with the Instagram user has been closed in the Inbox, it will create a new conversation.

  • Messages received before 5 days will reopen the previous conversation.

  • Instagram has a customer care window which prevents teammates from replying 7 days after an Instagram user message. Teammates will see an error message if they attempt to send a message after 7 days.

Use Inbox Rules for automation

Teammates can create rules specific to Instagram with the condition “From Instagram”:

You can also create rules based on which Instagram account gets messaged (if you've connected multiple Instagram accounts):


Instagram is included in all Customer Support reports automatically.

Filter or breakdown reports anywhere the channel filter is available by selecting “Channel is Instagram”:

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