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Use News to share contextual and relevant announcements with your customers directly in the Messenger.

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What is News?

With News, your announcements can now live and remain in the Messenger which increases discoverability for customers as they can visit and revisit important news at their leisure.

Here are some terminologies you might find helpful:

  • News: A new content type in Intercom enabling you to announce product updates, company news, promotions, events and more with your customers.

  • News Item: The actual content in your announcement.

  • Labels: You can add labels to your News Items to categorize them and make it easier for customers to search and filter your News. Examples of labels include new product, product update, event, promotion etc.

  • Newsfeed: Is a collection of News Items. A Newsfeed can be targeted. For example, you can set a Visitors Newsfeed, Users Newsfeed, and Leads Newsfeed which would each have a collection of News Items relevant to their specific audience.

  • News Center: A dedicated public facing web page for all announcements.

What type of News can I announce?

Your News is your news! It’s completely up to you what’s important and which updates you’d like to share with customers. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • New product launches

  • Feature updates

  • Service updates

  • Events

  • Special promotions

  • Company news

  • And more - it’s all up to you!

When you’re ready to make an announcement, get started with News. See pricing plans here.

Note: Currently, Newsfeeds cannot be added to the Messenger on mobile apps.


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