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Messenger explained
Messenger explained

Introducing the fully customizable Messenger that provides customers with in-context engagement throughout their journey.

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Introducing the next generation Messenger, the only fully customizable Messenger that you can truly make your own. With a modern and flexible no-code design, you can align all your brand and business needs, while engaging customers in-context and driving action across their journey.


Now you can update and style your Messenger just the way you want it and enable a consistent brand experience with a fully customizable Messenger. Learn more and get started here.

You must have the Can access Messenger settings permission to customize your Messenger.


You’ll have increased product flexibility and versatility with Messenger ‘spaces’ that provide intuitive navigation for your customers. Let’s go through each of the 5 new spaces you can add to your Messenger.

Home Space

A redesigned Home screen that’s highly configurable and supports multiple use cases and apps.

The Home Space is most powerful when you customize it with apps, making it easy for customers to get what they need, without starting a conversation.

You can also build your own apps – whether that’s quick workflow hacks just for your own team, or apps for other Intercom customers to use too.

Messages Space

Messages is a dedicated space for conversation management. Both inbound and outbound conversations will live here.

Tickets Space

The Tickets space makes it easy for customers to submit, view, and get updates on all of their tickets from one centralized place in the Messenger.

Help Space

Enable customers to better self-serve with a more intuitive and personalized support experience. Customers can access a full, in-context help center from anywhere in your product with the dedicated Help Space.

News Space

A simple feed of News, suitable for a variety of announcement types. Provide customers with in-context, persistent and discoverable product, event and company announcements directly in the Messenger.

Tasks Space

Create a Checklist of tasks and give customers a clear path to success in your product with their own personalized Tasks Space in the Messenger.

In order to add the Tasks Space, you need to have Checklists enabled. Get started with Checklists here.

Compact Messenger

The Compact Messenger is a new, condensed shape of the Messenger that helps customers focus their attention and find information faster.

Note: It is not currently possible to edit the name of these Spaces

Mobile Messenger

The Messenger works beautifully in your mobile app too. Your customization preferences are carried over to provide a consistent and seamless customer journey on mobile. Learn how to set up the Messenger in your mobile app here.

To use the new Messenger in your mobile app (including the new Tickets space), you'll need to install or upgrade to iOS SDK 15.2.0 and Android SDK 15.2.0.


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