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This article shows a range of completed ticket types for various use cases. Use these as a jumping-off point to create your own.

Ticket for escalating a request to a tier 2 team

Using a ticket like this makes it easy to escalate common technical questions to another team. Perfect for when you want to convert a conversation into a ticket.

Ticket to capture subscription update requests

This ticket could be used to capture various requests that originate outside the Inbox. For example, a customers could request a change to their subscription plan on a call. Their account manager could capture this request after the call by creating a standalone ticket.

Ticket for a back-office team to investigate

In this example, a customer reaches out because their card was stolen and payments have been made with it. The support rep creates a task for a back office team to investigate the issue and reimburse the money that was withdrawn fraudulently.

Ticket to capture a flight amendment request

This ticket could be used in a bot, allowing customers to submit their request directly without having to start a conversation.

Ticket to log what happened on a call

This is a nice example of using a standalone ticket to capture what happened on a call and log it as a ticket to progress the issue.

Ticket to log a request for a new laptop

The Intercom IT team uses this ticket to capture requests for laptop replacements. It's a great example of how you can use tickets internally at your company.


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