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View tickets in the Inbox
View tickets in the Inbox
Create views of tickets for specialist teams and switch to table layout for effective ticket management.
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With different tickets assigned to multiple teams, you’ll need an easy way for your teams to view their tickets, and you’ll want to quickly check on their status and see how they’re progressing in the Inbox.

Identify tickets in the Inbox

Easily identify tickets in the Inbox by the “ticket” icon:

Set up Inbox views for the team

Teammates can create a custom view to see all their tickets in one place. For example, you can use views to filter conversations with a ticket based on a ticket’s state and type:

Note: Teammates need the “Inbox > Can manage views” permission to create views in the Inbox.

Select from any ticket types you’ve created on your workspace:

Ticket type can be compared as is/isn’t/has any value/is unknown:

Note: “Is unknown” means it has no value and will exclude any ticket from the view (leaving only conversations).

Available ticket states you can select from are Submitted, In progress, Waiting on customer and Resolved:

Ticket state can also be compared as is/isn’t/has any value/is unknown:

To filter by specific ticket attributes, you’ll find each ticket type has its attributes listed underneath:

For example, we could filter by “Flight number” that starts with a specific airline code:

Note: The exact comparison you get for each ticket attribute depends on its format and follows the same pattern as Conversation Custom Data Attributes. For example, a “list” format would only give you an “is” or “is not” comparison.

You can refine the view further by using and/or to add more filters:

When you’ve finished adding filters, click “Save” to save this as a new Inbox view.

Now your team can pin this view to their Inbox and quickly see only these conversations:

Note: Dedicated Inbox views for individual teammates tickets need to be set up manually. There is no out-the-box view for showing just tickets without conversations, or “tickets I created” or “tickets I participated in”.

Switch your Inbox view to table layout

Table layout is great for getting an overview of tickets and can be configured to display only the columns of data you'd like to see.

To switch to table layout, use the button in the bottom left of the Inbox (or shortcut key ‘L’):

Now easily customize it using the tabs at the top to see the data that’s important to you:

Click on a row to preview the ticket details in the right sidebar:

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