Custom Answers reporting

Understand how Custom Answers are performing over a specific date range and see how they are impacting Fin's resolution rates.

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Understand how specific Custom Answers perform over the time, with the date range filter on both the Custom Answers list and Custom Answer details page. Or, see how they are impacting your overall resolution rates with Fin.

Specific Custom Answer performance

Custom Answers list

The Custom Answers list supports filtering performance metrics by date range.

Simply click on the date range on the right to filter the metrics of each answer in the table.

The default date range is always set to Since went live.

Custom Answer details page

The date range filter is also supported in the Custom Answer details page. Click on a Custom Answer to view the details.

Then go to the Resolved tab, where you can filter the date range.

When the date range is applied, the graph and the conversation cards will be updated. Trend graphs will display automatically.

The maximum range of data is 2 years. If the answer was created less than two years ago we’ll show all data since the beginning of the answer, but if it's older than two years we’ll only show the last 2 years worth of data.

Overall Custom Answer performance

Reporting on resolution rates with Fin AI Agent

Custom Answers will also be included in your Fin AI Agent report where you'll be able to see your overall Custom Answer resolution rate, as well as how these answers are impacting Fin's performance.


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