Multilingual Fin [open beta]

Allow Fin to provide automated support in multiple languages.

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Fin now supports conversations in Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish 🎉

This beta allows you to provide your users with support in more languages, and increase the number of conversations Fin gets involved in.

Multilingual experience

Fin provides an answer in the same language as the question asked. If a customer asks a question in Spanish, Fin will reply in Spanish.

Fin will only reply in one of the supported languages listed above if you have configured the Messenger to support this language.

Fin will generate answers using content that is available in the language a question was written in. For example, if a user writes their question in French, Fin will search for an answer in all available French content, regardless of its format (i.e Help Center article, Snippet, file, etc).

How to opt-in to the beta

Multilingual Fin is currently in beta. To opt-in, visit Automation > Settings, and turn on the toggle to Enable Multilingual Fin (beta). You can opt-out of the experience at any time by turning the toggle off.

How to set up multilingual Fin

There is no extra setup required to make Fin work in multiple languages. To get started, start adding content in the languages you want to provide support in.

When a customer sends you a message, Fin will look for content in the language your customer has written in, so ensure you have enough content that will cover your frequently asked questions in the languages you want to support.

See our Fin Best Practices for optimizing your support content.

Preview Fin in different languages

Before setting Fin live, you can test it by using the preview Messenger on the Automation > Fin > Setup & preview page. There is a dropdown to select the language you want to preview.

The conversations generated in the preview will appear in the Inbox under the name Preview user so you can also see what Fin will look like for your Support reps.

Set Fin live

When you're ready to set Fin live to your customers, you can either do so via:

Monitor Fin conversations in different languages

After you’ve set Fin live, a new Fin conversations view will automatically be created in the Inbox and pinned to all teammates’ lists.

You can also create a new Inbox view by language(s). Use the Fin involved and Language options to set up your view.


Evaluate how Fin performs in different languages

After you’ve set Fin live, you’ll have access to a Fin report found in Reports > Automation > Fin.

You can filter the Fin report by language. Click on Add filter > Language, and then select the languages you would like to filter the report by.


You can also create custom reports using these Fin metrics.


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