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How much does it cost to use Intercom Phone?

Intercom Phone is priced based on usage - for inbound calls (minutes), outbound calls (minutes), Messenger calls (minutes), recordings (minutes) and phone number provisioning (monthly charge). You can see all countries we support and their associated prices here.

Customers who are part of the early access / beta program for Intercom Phone will continue to have access without charge for a limited time. Any changes to the early access program will be notified in advance. See terms of service.

How are phone numbers priced?

Phone number prices depend on the region and type of the phone number (local, toll free or mobile). For example, local and Toll Free US numbers have different prices.

You can see all countries we support and their associated prices here.

Phone number prices will be billed every month the phone number is active. All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes.

How are minutes priced?

Phone call minute prices vary based on the call direction (inbound, outbound), region and phone number type (local, toll free or mobile).

You can see all countries we support and their associated prices here.

Billing will be rounded off to the next minute. For example, if a call lasts 2min 35sec it will be billed for 3 minutes. All prices are exclusive of applicable taxes.

What counts as a minute?

Phone call minutes are calculated from the start of the call until the call has ended. This includes the time customers calling your business spend in the IVR, wait queues and on-hold.

You can see a breakdown of your individual call usage and costs from Billing > Subscription in your workspace.

Can I trial Intercom Phone?

Yes! You can trial Intercom Phone free for 14 days. You can use up to $10 during this time period. Once this is reached, access to Phone features and functionality will be seized, unless the account converts to a paid account.

If you continue to use Intercom Phone after your trial period ends, you will be billed for your usage at the rates listed here.

If you do not wish to continue using Intercom Phone, make sure to delete all phone numbers from your workspace.


Which plans is Intercom Phone available on?

Intercom Phone is currently only available to customers on our new pricing plans who joined Intercom since November 15, 2023.

Customers on our legacy pricing plans who were not on the early beta will not have access to Phone, but you can indicate your interest via a banner on the settings page.

What countries is Intercom Phone available in?

Intercom Phone will initially be launching in US, Canada, Australia, UK and Germany. We will be updating country coverage as soon as possible after the initial release.

This is in relation only to the provisioning of phone numbers for these regions to receive inbound calls (outbound calls and Messenger calls have no geographic restrictions).

Is Intercom Phone available on EU or AU hosted workspaces?

No, Intercom Phone is currently only available on US hosted workspaces.

Can I choose my phone number?

No, there’s no way to change the phone number we provide at this time.

How many numbers can I have?

Intercom Phone supports multiple phone number per workspace.

Which mobile SDKs are supported?

Mobile SDKs are not supported for Messenger calls at this time.


How to improve call audio quality?

Here are some steps to improve call quality

  • Try to use an Ethernet cable rather than WiFi. Check your WiFi signal strength if Ethernet is not an option.

  • If using WiFi, try connecting to the 2.4Ghz network, or if closer to the router try the 5Ghz network. <- this is surprisingly helpful as the 5Ghz network does not work well through walls and only great if very close to the router.

  • Do not have too many tabs open, or run anything that uses a lot of CPU and RAM while calling.

  • Try to minimise other network devices, Having 3 devices streaming Video while you are trying to make a call can cause some issues.

  • If using a bluetooth headset, try one that plugs in directly to the computer, or better yet use the built in Mic and Speaker if available.

  • If it’s an office network, or the agent is good knowledgeable with their router - add Quality of Service (QoS) rules to prioritise the Twilio Client. This one helps a lot.

  • Disconnect from any VPNs

  • Open up TaskManager (Windows), or Activity Monitor (Mac) and make sure there isn't anything else running that can be causing high CPU usage or high RAM usage.

  • There are some providers who provide apps for their phones that block inbound calls that it suspects as being spam or robocalls (e.g. AT&T's Active Armor app).

More details on improving call quality can be found in the Twilio doc here.

Messenger Apps

Messenger calls use a messenger app, so if your workspace has not used Messenger apps and your website that hosts the Intercom Messenger sends CSP headers, you will need to add to frame-src directive of the CSP header.

Known limitations

Historical Reports

Historical reports do not include live calls, only calls that have ended. Phone metrics in historical reports also do not have the ability to drill down into specific conversations at this time.


If opted into Intercom Phone, all teammates in your workspace can make a call. There are no specific permissions.

Phone Masking

We don’t support phone number masking at this time.


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