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How to use Fin AI Copilot as a personal AI assistant on the Help Desk.

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Teams spend too much time searching for answers to customer questions - they’re searching across multiple tabs and various sources that take them away from the inbox. It’s inefficient and keeps agents from focusing on what really matters - forging deeper relationships with customers.

Fin AI Copilot is here to help. Fin is a personal AI assistant for every support agent and will dramatically improve your team’s efficiency.

Agents can access Fin directly in the inbox, and get instant, expert answers from multiple sources including your team’s conversation history, internal articles, and external content.

Why Fin AI Copilot?

  • The best answers in seconds - Fin is the only AI assistant that can generate custom, personalized answers from your team’s conversation history.

  • Trusted content sources - Fin can pull relevant information from your help center, internal articles, snippets, webpages, and PDFs — and even syncs with Notion, Guru, or Confluence.

  • Expert training and onboarding - Fin can help agents figure out next steps they would normally need teammates to answer.

  • Deep insights and complete oversight. AI-powered reporting lets you keep an eye on how well Fin is doing, while full permission control lets you specify the exact content Fin can pull from.

Join the waitlist to access the beta.

How to use Fin AI Copilot

Teammates can open Fin AI Copilot from various places depending on their Help Desk preferences.

Asking Fin a question

From the right sidebar tab

Open the right sidebar on a conversation or ticket and select the Copilot tab in the top left.

Highlighting message text

Highlight text within a customer's conversation and click Ask Fin Copilot.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Simply use ⌘ / Ctrl K and search "Fin" then select Ask Fin AI Copilot from the menu and hit Enter .

From a suggested question

On some conversations, teammates might also see a suggested question above the inbox composer. This is an AI generated question from the context of the conversation. Clicking on it will automatically trigger a search using Fin AI Copilot.

Fin AI Copilot can assist with conversations or tickets you are viewing on the Help Desk.

Generating an answer

Fin AI Copilot can use the following sources to generate an answer:

  • Public articles - From your Help Center.

  • Internal articles - From the Knowledge Hub (these can also be synced with Confluence, Guru, or Notion).

  • Webpages - Public URL sources you've synced with Fin AI Agent.

  • Snippets - Created in the Knowledge Hub, or previously created for Fin AI Agent.

  • PDFs - Uploaded to the Knowledge Hub, or previously uploaded for Fin AI Agent.

  • Past conversations - The last 4 months of your team's conversation history.

  • Customer tickets - The last 4 months of your team's Customer ticket history.


  • Webpages, snippets, and PDFs you've previously enabled for Fin AI Agent will also be available to Fin AI Copilot if enabled in the knowledge hub.

  • In order for internal articles to be used by Fin AI Copilot, you'll need to create, import or sync the internal articles to the knowledge hub first.

  • Fin AI Copilot does not use Back-office tickets or Tracker tickets to generate an answer.

  • Fin AI Copilot currently does not use any Custom Answers you've enabled for Fin AI Agent.

Source filtering

Teammates can select which sources they want Fin AI Copilot to use when searching for an answer. For example, they can query Fin to return answers that only use Internal articles as sources.

Source filters selected here will reset if a teammate closes their Fin AI Copilot conversation or refreshes their browser.

After a teammate makes a query, Fin will generate a direct answer which can be made up of multiple sources.

Below the direct answer, it will surface the sources used, as well as some related content results.

Fin will have context on the questions you’ve asked before in the same Fin AI Copilot thread, so you can also ask a follow up question which relates to the previous answer.

For example:

  • Teammate: How do I issue a refund?

  • Copilot: You can issue a refund by doing XYZ.

  • Teammate: But what if the order is more than 60 days ago?

  • Copilot: If the order is more than 60 days ago, you can XYZ.

Verifying an answer

To verify an answer from Fin AI Copilot and ensure it's trustworthy, you can hover over a source (referenced within the answer and below the answer) to see a small summary.

You can also easily view all related content results by clicking the See all button.

Or click on the source to preview it in full in the sidebar.

Sending an answer

If you’re happy with the answer, you can click on Add to composer to insert the answer into the Reply box. You can also select the dropdown arrow to Add to composer & modify and then select if you'd like to make the answer:

  • My tone of voice

  • More friendly

  • More formal

  • Rephrase

  • Expand

  • Translate to...

  • Add as a note

Answers can also be edited or personalized in the composer before sending to the customer.

Asking internal questions

You can also ask Fin AI Copilot an internal question, and Fin will use internal articles to generate a response.

Answers which use internal sources will be clearly marked in yellow with an "internal" symbol next to each source, and you'll also be given a warning before adding the answer to the composer.


  • In order for internal articles to be used in Fin AI Copilot, you'll need to create, sync, or import internal articles to the knowledge hub first.

  • Fin AI Copilot can combine relevant internal and external sources in a single answer (unless sources have been filtered).

Closing Fin AI Copilot

To close Fin AI Copilot or view the conversation details again, simply click the Details tab on the right sidebar.

You can also hide this panel on the Help Desk using keyboard shortcut ] or click the button in the top right.

Remember, you can adjust the width of the right sidebar on the Help Desk at any time.


How can I get access to the Fin AI Copilot beta?

Simply sign up to the waitlist for Fin AI Copilot now.

Can I restrict Fin AI Copilot usage to specific teammates?

No, once opted in to the beta, all teammates will have access to Fin AI Copilot (this can't be restricted to certain teammates).

Can EU/AUS hosted workspaces use Fin AI Copilot?

Currently EU/AU hosted workspaces aren’t eligible for the Fin AI Copilot beta, as the feature doesn’t work with conversation history for these workspaces yet, which would take significant value away. We plan to support this later this year.

We would definitely still recommend you sign up for the waitlist to ensure you get the most up to date information on when access will be available for your team and to give us an indication of interest level for regionally hosted workspaces.

How much does Fin AI Copilot cost?

During the beta period, Fin AI Copilot will be free to use. At full release, Fin AI Copilot will be priced as a per seat add on, with unlimited usage (subject to our right to monitor and limit or suspend usage in accordance with the Additional Product Terms for AI Products).

The price of this add on will be between $30-$40 and final pricing will be confirmed towards the end of April/beginning of May. Most importantly, every Intercom plan will have some free usage included, and every plan will be able to purchase the add-on for their team.

We will make sure to set clear expectations on pricing with all beta customers before you are charged.

How can I get access to internal articles used by Fin AI Copilot?

Once you're added to the Fin AI Copilot beta, you'll automatically get access to start using internal articles in the new Knowledge hub.

Can I customize which sources Fin AI Copilot uses?

No, at the moment Fin AI Copilot uses these sources by default. It’s currently not possible to exclude a source. However, teammates can filter by source when asking Fin a question from the Help Desk.

Will Fin AI Copilot ingest tickets just like it ingests past conversations?

Yes, Fin AI Copilot can also use previous Customer tickets to generate an answer (these don’t need to be in a ‘resolved’ state). However, Fin will not use Back-office or Tracker tickets to generate answers.

Is Fin AI Copilot available when viewing a ticket or is it just on conversations?

Fin AI Copilot is available and can assist with conversations or tickets you are viewing on the Help Desk.

Can I target specific pieces of content to certain teams/teammates?

No, it's currently not possible to target content to specific teams or teammates so that Fin AI Copilot only uses the sources relevant to that team/teammate.

What out-the-box reporting is available?

You can gain visibility into how Fin AI Copilot is used in your workspace through the Fin AI Copilot report.

Do I need to sign any additional terms to start using Fin AI Copilot?

If you’re already using an AI product or feature in Intercom (e.g. Fin AI Agent or AI Compose/Summarize in the Help Desk) then you don’t need to sign any additional terms. If not, then you do need to agree to the Additional Product Terms.

How does Fin AI Copilot generate answers?

Fin AI Copilot uses the latest AI models (including OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Meta's Llama3) to understand the customer question, search for relevant content in your conversation history, help center, and internal articles, and provide accurate answers based on those sources.

What AI models does Fin AI Copilot use?

Fin uses a mix of models, including OpenAI's GPT-4, alongside Intercom’s own proprietary AI technologies to respond quickly and accurately to customer queries. Fin always uses the model best suited to the task at hand.

How is data used and processed with Fin AI Copilot?

Fin AI Copilot operates similarly to Fin AI Agent in that we have safeguards and agreements with OpenAI to not store direct customer information. This data is currently still being processed in the US. Read our AI Products/Features Legal FAQs for more information.

How quickly will Fin AI Copilot ingest an updated article?

Updates from articles in the Knowledge hub happen in near real time (less than one hour).

How quickly will Fin AI Copilot ingest conversations?

Conversations are ingested on a daily basis. To ensure efficiency and scalability, we utilize advanced algorithms to process a select subset of conversations. This approach allows us to maintain optimal performance while handling a large volume of data.

Can Fin AI Copilot ingest multiple support content sources simultaneously?

Yes! Fin can ingest content from multiple content sources at the same time.

What safeguards are in place to ensure that Fin AI Copilot provides the most accurate answers?

  • Fin only provides answers based on your support content.

  • Fin uses the most advanced AI models from OpenAI, including GPT-4 which is known for being the most accurate and high-quality model in the market.

  • Fin always shows the sources that it has used to generate answers. These sources can be expanded upon in the right sidebar and the information that has been used within a source will be highlighted in yellow.

  • You can configure the content that Fin AI Copilot uses to generate answers using Copilot state controls in the Knowledge hub.

  • Answers can always be edited in the composer before being sent to the customer.

  • While Fin will aim to provide accurate and helpful answers to your questions, it's important to remember that Fin is powered by machine learning models, and these are not perfect. They are built on statistical patterns, and as such, occasionally they may return an incorrect response.

What languages does Fin AI Copilot work with?

Fin AI Copilot currently supports 41 languages. The languages Fin AI Copilot supports are:

Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, German (Formal), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latviski, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Англи хэл (Mongolian).

How does Fin AI Copilot handle multimedia (images/video)?

All multimedia is invisible to Fin. Fin will not include multimedia in answers but this is on the product roadmap.


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