How to use Snippets with Fin

Using Snippets as another content source for Fin to respond to customers.

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Snippets are a new content source specifically created for Fin. Snippets are not publicly available to customers and are only there to be used by Fin to improve answer quality and coverage.

Get started

Snippets can be created from Fin AI Agent > Content by clicking on the + New content button.

Select the type of content you want to add, in this case, a Snippet.

Now you can create your Snippet by entering a title and body in text format.

In order to get the best results, we recommend to split up longer content (like an FAQ list) into multiple Snippets, as opposed to uploading content in one long Snippet. This will make easier for Fin to learn and search amongst your content.

Be sure to set the State to be "Used by Fin" or "Not Used by Fin" before you hit the Save and close button.

Once saved, Snippets will be visible in Fin AI Agent > Content immediately and will usually be available for Fin to use within 10 minutes.

From Fin AI Agent > Content, Snippets can be viewed, edited, or deleted. The "Used by Fin" toggle can also be updated at any time.

The total number of Snippets in use can be seen from the banner above the table. Snippets can also be filtered like other content sources.

Fin answer behavior

When a Snippet is used as a content source in a Fin answer, the customer is not shown the link to the Snippet. Instead, they will see a message saying AI answers are generated based on both public and private sources provided by [your company name].

Example use cases

  • Conversation replies - Using existing teammate conversation replies for Fin.

  • FAQs from the website - Adding FAQs as a Snippet which you might not necessarily want as an article but would be valuable for Fin to have access to respond to customer questions.

  • Internal notes - Content available in the internal knowledge bases that should not be available to customers to search in your public knowledge base, but valuable for Fin to gain more context / provide better quality answers.

  • Private knowledge bases - Content from knowledge bases that are not publicly available and can't be imported into Intercom using the external content importer.

  • Bug / issue details - Bug or issue details that should not be searchable in your public knowledge base and not applicable to all customers, but would be useful for Fin to answer specific customer queries.


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