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How to use PDF file content with Fin AI Agent
How to use PDF file content with Fin AI Agent

Using PDF files as a content source for Fin AI Agent to respond to customers.

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PDF files are another content source that can be consumed by Fin AI Agent. Simply upload a PDF file and the text content from the file will be scraped and made available for Fin to use within minutes.

Similar to Snippets, content from these PDF files are a private source so your customers will not see any link references to them in the Messenger and the content is only there to be used by Fin to improve answer quality and coverage.

Get started

PDF file content can be uploaded from Fin AI Agent > Content by clicking on the + New content button.

Next, select your PDF file or drag and drop it in the modal.

Once added, you will see a success message to say the file was uploaded successfully and then processed. Files will be visible on the Content page table with in a few minutes and will usually be available for Fin AI Agent to use within 10 minutes.

From here, you can click on a PDF file to view, delete, or re-upload it. The "Used by Fin" toggle can also be updated at any time.

The total number of files in use can be seen from the banner above the table. Files can also be filtered like other content sources.


  • Each PDF file uploaded has to have a unique name with unique content.

  • Only text PDF format is supported (i.e. if you can select the text from the PDF, we can scrape it for Fin AI Agent).

  • Images from PDFs are not scraped.

  • PDFs larger than 45 MB cannot be imported.

  • Encrypted or password protected PDFs are not supported.

  • Each workspace has a limit of 100 PDF files you can upload

  • Multi-column PDFs are not supported:

Fin AI Agent answer behavior

When a PDF file is used as a content source in an AI agent answer, the customer is not shown a link to the PDF. Instead, they will see a message saying AI answers are generated based on both public and private sources provided by [your company name].


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