Create a developer workspace in Intercom
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Developer workspaces can be set up by anyone here. You do not have to be an existing Intercom customer in order to create a dev workspace. This workspace is intended for use in your development/staging environment so that you can test things out before adding it to production.

You will click New App at the bottom of the page. Then, add an app name and select the workspace you'd like it to be part of.

Finally, Create app👇

Developer workspaces have the following restrictions in place:

  • No outbound emailing

  • No push notifications

  • Articles cannot be set live

  • Messenger includes a watermark showing that it's linked to a dev workspace

  • A maximum of 20 users or leads. If that limit is reached, the system will delete the oldest contact asynchronously

  • Developer workspaces cannot be converted into production workspaces


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