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Stripping links from emails
Stripping links from emails

Learn how to protect your workspace from phishing attacks by disabling links from being rendered in emails received from customers.

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How to disable links

To disable links from being rendered in emails received from customers, head over to Settings > Email > Other Settings. This setting provides an extra layer of protection against phishing attacks and other malicious activities, ensuring that all links in emails received from customers will be removed, and only plain text will be displayed.

This means that attackers will not be able to conceal links to malicious sites around any element in the email. URLs can still be rendered in plain text (e.g. an email can contain the text, and we will render it, but it will not be clickable).

All other HTML content will still be rendered.

Help desk experience

When this setting is enabled, it will prevent you from navigating outside of Intercom if you click on a link.

  • Enabling this won't impact older conversations, only new conversations from the time you turn the setting on.

  • This only apply for emails, it won't impact links in the Messenger or conversations from other channels.

  • Links from conversation history will also be stripped.

  • This will not affect you or your teammates ability to add links to conversations.


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