Attachment safety

How to know when attachments in inbound messages are safe and reduce risk of teammates clicking on malicious files.

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View attachments' safety status

You can view the safety status of the attachments before opening the files. This allows you to safely open files from your customers, and helps you better understand the possible risks before opening them.

Statuses include:

  • No issues detected - files are safe to open

  • Inconclusive - file could not be scanned, open the file if you trust the sender

  • Extension mismatch - file content misaligns with the file extension, open the file if you trust the sender

  • Malware detected -file is malicious and removed

When no status is shown, it means that the scanning has not reached any conclusion yet. In most of the cases this means scanning is in progress.

Mime type and Extension check

In order to protect you from any danger coming through file uploads from bad actors, we do a detailed mime type check on all files uploaded.

The mime type of the files uploaded is checked and if there is any mismatch between the expected mime type for the file extension and the actual mime type detected, you will be informed about this mismatch.

Default supported file types include:

  • gif

  • jpeg

  • jpg

  • mov

  • mp4

  • pdf

  • png

  • txt

  • heic

  • oga

  • ogg

  • dng

  • mp3

You can allow other files types by going to Settings > Security > Attachment settings. Allowed file types should be accessible straight away.

Image file validation

Checks are applied for image files as well, and the file will get quarantined if any of the conditions below are satisfied:

  • Image integrity check fails

  • Image is corrupted

  • Image has other content under image content type

  • Image cannot be validated

  • Image resize fails


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