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Email Customisation FAQs
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Email creation & customisation

How can I change the content of my email footer based on the user language?

The "Unsubscribe Link" will be shown in whatever language you have set as the default language on your Intercom Messenger. If you have set additional secondary languages, then the language of the "Unsubscribe Link" will match based on your customer's browser language.

How do I remove "Powered by Intercom" from the bottom of emails?

You can remove the "Powered by Intercom" branding through the Messenger settings. Navigate to the Messenger and open the General settings > Other preferences.

You'll see the option to toggle the "Display a subtle link to the Intercom website" on/off.

Toggling this Off will remove the Intercom branding from your Messenger as well as from all emails you send from Proactive Support.

If you don't have this option in your Messenger settings then this feature is not available on your current plan.

How can I embed a video in my email?

It isn't possible to embed videos in Intercom emails right now, as most email clients do not properly support embedded videos. For example, Gmail shows embedded videos as attachments at the bottom of the message.

You could create a video thumbnail with a hyperlink that when you click on the image the video will open in a new tab – something like this ⤵️

How do I remove the "workspace from sender name" on my email?

To remove your workspace name from the sender name in a new message, you would have to set up a custom email address and use that in the "From" field (as shown below). The name will display exactly as specified in the Name setting for the address, and will not contain the name of your workspace.

Note that this will only impact emails sent via the Proactive Support tab, not replies to conversations. For conversation replies, you can map the sender to the email address they originally reached out to you on.

How do I change the default color of a button in my email?

When using a default Intercom email template, the default color of your button will be based on the background and action color of your Messenger which you can edit here. You cannot set a new default for the Intercom email templates, it will always use the Messenger colors.

However if you create your own template using the visual email template builder and create a button in the template, then the colour of that button will be the default when you select that particular template.

How can I edit the footer in one of the Intercom email templates?

This isn't currently possible, you would need to create your own personalised template using the visual email template editor or create your own HTML template.

If I click "switch to HTML editor", can I swap back?

No, once you switch to the HTML editor, you cannot swap back to the visual builder.

Troubleshooting Email Template Issues

Why isn't my custom HTML email template displaying correctly?

This problem is usually to do with responsive email templates. There's an easy fix:

If you're using a responsive design for your email template, make sure to include the following data-premailer attribute to the style element in the head.

<style type="text/css" data-premailer="ignore">

For compatibility with as many email clients as possible, we inline all styles that are declared in style attributes in the head of your template. When defining conditional styles using media queries for responsive designs you will need to tell the premailer not to inline the styles by adding data-premailer="ignore" to your style attributes.

All regular styles should go into a regular style tag and any media queries should go into the data-premailer style tag.

Common Error Messages for Email Templates

Your template is missing an {{ unsubscribe_link }} or {{ unsubscribe_url }} tag

All emails must have a unsubscribe link unless they are transactional. To save a HTML template, you must have an unsubscribe link. With transactional emails, you can turn off the unsubscribe link in the email editor. Check out how to that here.

Note that transactional emails are not supported in a Series so you will always need an unsubscribe link on emails within a Series.

Your content has not been changed from the default content

When you're using a custom HTML template, you'll need to ensure you've written content in the email editor while using it as well (even if most of the content is written in the template itself, a message still needs to be composed using the template). If you've already done all the content when creating the template itself, you can use the option to "switch to HTML editor" when creating the email.

Your template is missing the {{ content }} tag

The {{ content }} tag in Intercom's HTML email templates is a placeholder that will be replaced with the body of your email. This is the content that will change each time you send a new message. You must include this tag in your template even if you don't intend to update the content of your message body.

It is up to you where you'd like to place the content tag within your custom email template, as that part of the template will be editable when you create an individual email. If your current HTML template does not include a {{ content }} tag, you will encounter an error, and you should add the {{ content }} tag to your template between your message body to resolve this issue.

Remember that the {{ unsubscribe_link }} or {{ unsubscribe_url }} tag should also be included in your template and placed before the </body> tag to be picked up by validation checks and for the message to be saved correctly.

So you should be set to simply add the {{content}} tag to your template between your message body to clear that error.

Must not contain external stylesheets

Typically this error means you're trying to reference a local file, like fonts or styles, that you're using in the template but are uploaded somewhere else.


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