10 apps every sales team should know about

“Time is money.” Never does that phrase ring more true than when you’ve wasted days going back and forth over email to coordinate a sales meeting or spent hours manually copying and pasting data between tools.

As a sales rep, your focus should be on hitting your number, but oftentimes, you find yourself dealing with day-to-day tasks that take time away from what’s most important: selling.

At Intercom, we’ve grown a marketplace of more than 150 apps and integrations that are designed to help you streamline your workflows, keep your tools in sync and reduce friction in your sales cycle. You might be thinking, “150 apps? That’s a lot! How do I know which ones to use?” Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We’ve curated a list of the top ten apps every sales team should know about. These apps help you quickly engage with your VIP leads, book more sales meetings with less effort and keep track of your pipeline by keeping your tech stack in sync.

Sales apps for communication

Sales teams typically receive a lot of leads, especially if you’re using chatbots to do the hard work of capturing and qualifying your leads, and some leads are better than others. For your best leads, you want to make sure you follow up with them quickly – if possible, while they’re still on your website and ready to buy. These apps will help you connect with your VIP leads faster.


Respond to and convert leads directly from the tool you have open all day, every day. With the Slack app for Intercom, you can route conversations to specific Slack channels based on your team inboxes.

For example, you can set up a notification that pings you in Slack any time one of your most important leads starts or responds to a conversation.

You just set your rule to send any conversation activity in your VIP Sales inbox in Intercom to your #vip-sales channel in Slack. Then, you can actually respond right there from Slack, so you don’t waste any time engaging leads while they’re still active on your site.

You can even add teammates to the conversation, just like you can in Intercom.

The app’s two-way sync ensures the full conversation history is saved and updated in Intercom in real time. Plus, you can update your leads’ key qualification details in Intercom by clicking the Qualify button in Slack or using a simple Slack command.

Learn more about the Slack app in the Intercom App Store.

Aircall Now

Once you’ve connected with a VIP lead or a potential expansion account, the Aircall Now app for Intercom enables you to seamlessly transition from chat to a voice call to provide additional details or that personal touch. You can invite visitors or users to call you directly from the Intercom Messenger with one click. There’s no need to download and install software or sign up.

This means that you can take calls anytime, anywhere – helping you engage with your leads and customers while they’re live on your website. Plus, you can track performance, trends and productivity inside Aircall, and you can log call activity in Intercom.

Learn more about the Aircall Now app in the Intercom App Store.

Google Meet

If you want to hop into a live demo from a chat conversation, you can use the Google Meet app. Simply add the app to your conversation and start a Google Hangout video call with your lead in one click – right from the Messenger.

Google Meet App

The Google Meet app makes it easy to engage with leads quickly, provide a personal touch and close deals faster. Like with the Aircall Now app, it helps you move from chatting back and forth to an even deeper face-to-face conversation.

Learn more about the Google Meet app in the Intercom App Store.

Sales apps for scheduling

Sales meetings are a critical step in your funnel, whether you’re focused on closing deals with qualified leads and target accounts or increasing revenue from existing customers.

However, scheduling them takes time and adds friction to your sales cycle. With these apps, you can book meetings and demos automatically – reducing friction in your funnel, limiting chances for drop off and accelerating your sales cycle.

Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar

The Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar apps make it easier than ever for leads and customers to book meetings into your calendar – right from the Messenger.

You can connect Intercom to your own Google or Outlook calendar or your team’s calendar. Then, you can send the app in a conversation, so your lead or customer can pick the time that works for them.

Or, you can set up a chatbot to qualify your leads and invite the best ones to book a meeting with you, so that you never miss an opportunity to talk with a VIP lead.

Plus, you can use your personalized, customizable public calendar link to share your calendar and enable bookings outside of the Messenger, too. 

Google Calendar App Public LinkThe Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar apps eliminate back-and-forth coordination, speed up your sales cycle and allow you to focus on selling.

On top of these behemoths, you can add appointment schedulers apps such as Appointlet – a useful tool that you can integrate with your Intercom account using Zapier.

Learn more about the Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar apps in the Intercom App Store.


If you’re looking for additional scheduling capabilities, the Calendly app for Intercom connects to your Google, Outlook, Office 365 or iCloud calendar and provides automated scheduling features for teams and individuals. When a lead or customer books a meeting with you via the app, Calendly will add the event to your calendar, track it in your CRM, send reminders and more.

Plus, you can add the Calendly app to your Messenger home screen, so that VIP leads and customers can schedule a meeting with you at any time.

Learn more about the Calendly app in the Intercom App Store.

Get a Demo

Want to increase the number of demo requests your team receives? The Get a Demo app for Intercom enables visitors to easily request and schedule demos.

In fact, one of our customers, Snapt, saw a 40% uptick in demo bookings in their first month.

Get a Demo app for IntercomYou can add the app to your Messenger home screen, so visitors can request a demo without having to start a conversation. Or, you can send the app in a message or a bot. You define the details that interested leads should submit. Based on those details, you can automatically notify your teammates, so they can quickly follow up with a live demo or just add the lead to a nurture campaign.

You can also opt to link directly to your calendar – on any online scheduling tool – so that VIP leads can book time with you right away.

Learn more about the Get a Demo app in the Intercom App Store.

Sales apps for tracking and managing leads

As a salesperson, you probably use a lot of tools to succeed at your job, but that means time wasted switching between tools, disjointed data and even lost sales opportunities. These apps ensure that the leads you capture and qualify in Intercom – as well as any conversations you have with them – are sent to the tools you use to track your sales pipeline. With these apps, you’ll never miss out on an opportunity and you’ll always have the context you need to nurture and close more deals.


Our two-way Salesforce app for Intercom makes it easy to capture, nurture and convert leads with Intercom without breaking your existing workflows. You can send your best leads from Intercom to Salesforce and automatically create tasks in Salesforce from Intercom conversations.

This gives you a complete view of every lead or contact’s journey with your company and enables you to continue a sale right where it left off.

Salesforce App for Intercom

You can also keep leads warm by automatically adding them to targeted, personalized nurture campaigns in Intercom using data from Salesforce. Plus, you can assign conversations and segment leads based on Salesforce data, such as owner, status and more.

Lastly, you can stay on top of your team’s performance and get visibility into key revenue metrics with sales team performance and revenue reports powered by the app.  

Learn more about the Salesforce app in the Intercom App Store.


If you’re using HubSpot as your CRM, you can automatically send Intercom leads and conversations there using the HubSpot app, so your CRM stays up to date. You can send all of your leads to HubSpot or you can use bots to qualify leads and send only the best ones to HubSpot.

Once leads are synced, you can see key HubSpot data about a lead right from the Intercom Inbox, so you have everything you need at your fingertips when you’re chatting with a lead.

Plus, whenever you have a conversation with a lead, your conversation will automatically be logged in the lead’s activity timeline in HubSpot, so you can track all of the communications between your lead and your company.

Learn more about the HubSpot app in the Intercom App Store.


Using Pipedrive to track your pipeline? The Pipedrive app for Intercom lets you create deals in Pipedrive as you capture and qualify leads in Intercom – with just one click. For leads that are already linked to a Pipedrive deal, you can view the details of that deal without leaving your Intercom Inbox, so you never miss a beat in your conversation and don’t waste time switching tabs.

Plus, the app will automatically send all conversations with a lead in Intercom to their profile in Pipedrive. This makes it easy for teams and teammates to stay aligned because you always have the full history of a lead’s interactions with your company.

Learn more about the Pipedrive app in the Intercom App Store.

You can find these apps and more in our For Sales Teams collection in the App Store. Plus, make sure to explore our app categories, including CRM, Lead Capture, Phone & Video and Scheduling. We are constantly launching new apps in our store and you can even build your own apps to fit the needs of your team or company. Here’s to more selling and less of the other stuff!

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