A message to our customers

Intercom started with a mission to make internet business personal, and a big idea – the world’s first business messenger. We’ve turned that idea and that vision into something real.

Today our team of over 600 talented and passionate people revolutionize how businesses connect with customers. I’m honored to lead Intercom in its next era as CEO.

I am passionate about building great products that solve important problems and deliver breakthrough value to customers. I joined Intercom 3 years ago as COO because I believed in the mission and vision of the company, saw values that I shared, and connected with Intercom’s ongoing commitment to build truly great products.

“Building and shipping is the heartbeat of our company, and we always want to ensure what we build does an amazing job for you”

I care deeply about you – our customers – and am committed to helping you build amazing relationships with your customers and grow your business. We will continue to invest in our products, through a heavy focus on R&D, and ensure our products deliver value that you can see and feel. Building and shipping is the heartbeat of our company, and we always want to ensure what we build does an amazing job for you. We work to deeply understand the business problems you are looking to solve. We innovate, reinvent, and improve our products to deliver more and more value to you. Our goal is to build products that are so amazing and so useful that you can’t imagine wanting to go back to the old way of doing things.

What we’ve done recently

Since the beginning of the year, we have released more than 45 new features and products. We introduced Resolution Bot, our next generation support chatbot that automatically resolves one-third of common support questions and can offer answers even before your customers ask their questions.

We just released Mobile Carousels to help you onboard customers and show them around your mobile app, share announcements, offer automated support and more.

We also released a new customizable messenger launcher to match your logo so your brand continues across your website and product.

Example of a custom Intercom launcher

Example of a customized messenger launcher on Paddle

We are listening to what you are asking for, and we are building it. Our new “Built For You” program is dedicated to this. Improved SAML single sign on (SSO) and our overhauled contacts API are two examples of features that many of you asked for and we built through this program.

What’s coming soon

We recently shared our vision for next-generation customer support with the Conversational Support Funnel framework and later this summer, we will ship some big, new product capabilities. We are reinventing customer support and building new tools to help you deliver at-scale, modern support so you can meet customers where they are and proactively help them succeed, with the personalized, convenient experience they want in a way that is efficient and easy for your team. This is conversational support.

How you can get the most out of Intercom

We want you to get everything that you want and need from Intercom. This past year we launched Intercom Academy, a set of training programs (and soon certifications) to help you and your team get the most out of Intercom and make it easy for you to bring on new teammates. We are building a new Community for Intercom customers to learn, share and build relationships, and we’re excited to share that with you soon. You can also reach out to us via the Messenger when you need help or have questions.

“Thank you all for believing in the power of messaging and choosing Intercom”

We are seeing huge momentum, and messengers are increasingly becoming the preferred way businesses communicate with their customers. Big, global companies like Amazon, Facebook and Lyft are now using Intercom to connect with customers. This momentum is because of you. Thank you all for believing in the power of messaging and choosing Intercom. We’re committed to helping you and building products you and your customers love. We can’t wait to share more with you very soon.