Intercom Surveys

Introducing Intercom Surveys: Don’t just ask for opinions, act on them

We are firm believers in the power of feedback here at Intercom – we seek it out, we offer it, and most importantly, we act on it. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the launch of our latest feature which embodies all of those sentiments – say hello to Intercom Surveys!

Tailored online customer experiences are no longer optional. In fact, 80% of online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences. And, with news that third-party cookies are becoming a thing of the past, first-party data (that is, data that your customers, prospects, and visitors give you directly) has never been more crucial to building lasting customer relationships.

Therefore, we’ve rustled up this new way to survey – a feature that allows you to:

  • Meet customers where they are with native in-product surveys: This is the most contextual and personal way to reach your customers – increasing survey engagement and driving better response rates.
  • Survey while staying on-brand: Customize your surveys to match your brand’s look and feel for a truly hallmark experience.
  • Go omnichannel with both web and mobile surveys: Intercom supports sending surveys seamlessly across web and mobile, or outside your product via mobile push and email if needed.
  • Drive truly personalized customer experiences: Use your collected data to power follow-up actions and workflows at scale so that your customers know they have been heard.
  • Use one unified platform for all customer communications: Streamline your workflow (and your tech stack) by using one tool to capture, action, and consolidate all of your customer data.

Taking action on survey insights has been easier said than done in the past. With Intercom Surveys, our aim is to help you drive customer engagement that helps you mold your offering to your customer’s preferences.

Surveys used to capture information, but didn’t drive results

Intercom Surveys came about through surveying our own customers! A while ago, we built a lightweight version of this feature to gather feedback about customer roles and teams so that we could create the most personalized experiences for our users – but we got even richer feedback than expected. Customers loved the survey itself and wanted to use this design for their own businesses. Ask and you shall receive as they say, so we got to work building out a feature that removed survey roadblocks in ways other tools couldn’t.

Historically, businesses have had to rely on siloed tools to gather this information. This meant leading customers away from what they were doing – ie. engaging with your product and brand. Can you imagine Netflix asking for feedback about a show while you’re watching it, and disrupting your experience by taking you to another site? Neither can we.

Asking for feedback used to lead customers away from what they were doing – disrupting their experience.

They also lacked personalization and customization.

With Intercom Surveys, siloed data and delayed reactions become a thing of the past. It also meant that your collected data was stuck in your survey tool, which made taking actions on responses and creating personalized follow-up experiences very challenging indeed. But with Intercom Surveys, siloed data and delayed reactions become a thing of the past.

Out with the old, in with customer-driven change

No more switching tabs, no more unanswered questions – just a friendly, personalized tool that sparks action and better experiences. Customer input allows you to continuously optimize how your business operates in simple and efficient ways – so from lead capture through to onboarding, NPS, product feedback, and churn, survey insights will help you learn and scale.

What’s more, because the surveys are in the context of what customers are currently doing (i.e. using your product), you’ll not only get a higher response rate, but also better quality responses,  as customers are already engaged.

“Since we started using Intercom Surveys, we’re getting 19x more responses than we were before. They’re quicker and easier for customers to complete because they appear in our product and don’t disrupt their flow.”
Anna Diyachenko, Support Manager at Novakid

Now you can act on the things that matter most to your customers. Add first-party data to the already rich customer data that Intercom stores and create personalized experiences by:

  • Orchestrating messaging campaigns based on their answers.
  • Personalizing the support content and help that they receive from your team.
  • Using the data collected to slice and dice reports and get richer insights.
  • Sending the data to other tools via webhooks and integrations.

Meaningful engagements such as this will help you to stay ahead of demand and create strong, long-lasting, customer relationships.

“Standalone tools are never ideal. They result in us having lots of data, but not in the right places. We have several million customers, so being able to use Surveys in Intercom lets us consolidate our data, segment our audience, and run targeted campaigns. It also removes friction from the customer experience, which makes them more likely to respond.”
Purnima Kumar, Product Marketing Lead at Doodle

Use customer input to optimize the customer experience

Intercom Surveys offers invaluable insights into your customers’ behaviors and needs so you can keep up what’s working and improve upon what isn’t. Turn these insights into action with responsive workflows that increase customer engagement, adoption, and retention. We’re excited to see Surveys change the way our customers grow and scale their businesses through two-way customer feedback and engagement.

Ready to future-proof your customer engagement efforts? Check out Intercom Surveys in action here.