Recent new features in Intercom

We’ve had a phenomenal response to the product since we began our private beta back in June. It has been amazing to get such qualified feedback from such passionate app owners. We’re incredibly thankful for this, and we’ll talk about our superb beta customers in a separate post.

I’d like to just call out a couple of the big features we’ve added in recent weeks…

1. Profile Pages

Intercom maintains a page for every one of your users, storing everything you’d like to know about them. Who are they, where do they reside, what details do we know about them, and are there any active conversations with this user.

2. Custom User Data

You can send additional information to make Intercom work better for you. Intercom shows you great data by default, but we’re firm believers that app-specific information beats the hell out of generic “hits-per-day” type information, so can take any details you want to give.

3. Custom Filters

The most powerful part of custom data is the ability to view your user list through custom filters. If you ever wonder things like “Do premium users track time?” or “I wonder how many accounts have more than 3 on their team,” you can answer these in a couple of mouse clicks rather than a couple of hours.

We have many more great features in the works, all solving pains that we hear about every day from our users. If the above features look useful or interesting, well, this is day 98. We’re just getting going.