One more baby step

We’ve raised a $6MM Series A from The Social+Capital Partnership.

These guys are not your average VCsMamoon Hamid has joined the board with Des and me — he’s been on the board of not one, but two billion-dollar businesses.

Freestyle Capital and David Sacks are also in this round. We’re fortunate to have their support, and well as the support of our original seed investors. I’m thinking of them today.

Raising money is easy when you’re backed by so many talented people. The hard part is building a massively impactful business. In that respect, we have a long road ahead of us. This is but one more baby step along the way.

Our mission is to make web business personal. We’re dedicated to building a simple tool to let our customers connect with theirs. We owe everything to them for believing in us. And we plan to make them very proud.