Reduce your churn with a retention messaging strategy

A successful SaaS business is built on retaining your existing customers, not just acquiring new ones. Today, we’re launching The Customer Retention Starter Kit to help.

Retention is the foundation of growth for any company. It affects pretty much every metric that matters to your business. It increases your chance of virality, since users who stick around for a long time are more likely to share your product with others. It increases monetization, as the more often users return to your product, the more opportunities you’ll have to increase their lifetime value. And it increases acquisition, as the more you increase customer lifetime value, the more money there will be available to acquire more customers.

In short, retention is pretty damn important. So where do you start?

In the world of SaaS, Intercom have helped thousands of companies avoid the heartache of churn. Using data from your product and clues from customer behavior, Intercom lets you create a messaging strategy that helps customers realize the core value of your product as soon as possible so that cancellations don’t become an issue.

Our new Customer Retention Starter Kit will show you how to identify your most “at risk” customers, and how to craft a series of highly personal messages that will get them back on track.

retention messaging

So, what’s inside? First off, you’ll learn how to monitor those inching towards churn. Next, we’ve included half a dozen retention messages you can start sending right away. Finally, to put all this advice into perspective, we sit down with Greylock’s Casey Winters, who has helped companies like Pinterest and GrubHub retain millions of users.

Retention is never-ending, hard work, but our hope is that this simple guide will help kickstart a retention program in your company that will ensure long-term growth for your business. Head over to our guide and start creating your retention messages today.

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