What exactly is a Custom Bot?

Custom Bots allow you to create completely customizable chatbots to automate all sorts of user journeys on your website in minutes, and our customers are already seeing their value.

Sales teams are reshaping their entire sales cycle, including personally engaging new visitors with video, automatically qualifying leads and nurturing new trial users to paid plans. While marketing teams, meanwhile, are using Custom Bots to drive more engagement and product usage.

It’s now possible to use Custom Bots to proactively reach out to your existing users in addition to targeting visitors and leads on your website. With this new feature, Custom Bots become even more valuable, allowing you to target and upsell your current users, tell them about new features at the optimum time, provide proactive support when it’s needed most, and more.

If you’re as excited as we are about how chatbots can grow your business, you can get started today by watching the video above, using one of our pre-built templates or checking out our documentation on how to build your own Custom Bot and put it to good use today.

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