Welcoming Darragh Curran

Darragh Curran Joins Intercom

Two months ago, Darragh Curran tweeted to help us find a Senior Ruby Engineer. Today, we’re delighted to welcome him into exactly that position! He’ll be joining Des, Ciaran and Ben in our Dublin office. We’re thrilled!

Darragh is an incredible engineer who all of the Intercom founders have had the great pleasure to work with before in Contrast.

Some cool things about him:

1. He says that of all of his creations, “I’m most proud of my two great kids.” And part of the compensation deal he negotiated with us included kid-sized Intercom apparel!

2. He used Rails for the first time commercially when Ben was 12!

3. I see him first and formost as a phenomenally capable, experienced software engineer, not a “Rails Ninja”. He’s led work on systems with millions of users, and software deployed to thousands of hosts, in languages like Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript.

As we’re rapidly heading towards a point where we’re tracking hundreds of data points on many millions of end-users, we’ll be glad to have this extra experience to help us keep Intercom reliable and fast. Welcome, Darragh!