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Intercom vs Zendesk

Customer service has evolved.
Zendesk hasn’t.

AI is here—it’s time to leave Zendesk behind. You need a complete customer service platform that's seamlessly integrated and AI-enhanced. You need Intercom.

Zendesk customers have spoken

  • Clunky platform

    Zendesk has been stitched together using disparate tools, making it slow, inefficient, and difficult to use.

  • Reactive ticketing

    Zendesk is ticket-centric and email first—making it difficult for teams to deliver quality, personalized support.

  • Costly and complex

    Zendesk raised their prices without improving their product—frustrating customers who struggle to justify further investments.

  • Lacking innovation

    Zendesk’s platform is outdated, leaving customers to face modern challenges with obsolete tools.

It’s time to upgrade your customer service platform

  • One seamless platform

    Intercom is fully integrated, omnichannel, and easy to use—so you can deliver quality, conversational support from start to finish.

  • Human + AI

    Intercom is human-powered and AI-enhanced, helping you deliver personalized, conversational support that scales with your business.

  • Conversational

    Not every conversation needs to be a ticket. Resolve complex issues more efficiently with tickets designed to keep the conversation going.

  • Proactive

    Great service doesn't wait for something to go wrong. Get ahead of issues before they happen with in-context, automated messages.

The future of customer service is integrated, AI-enhanced—and powered by Intercom

  • Help desk
    Conversational ticketing
    help center
    clunky UI
    Reactive, slow ticketing
    Restricted customization
    Activate in minutes
    AI chatbot
    Seamless human
    Complex setup
    answer bot
    Rigid bot
  • Proactive Support
    Product tours
    No proactive support tools

For real zen, switch to Intercom

  • Help Desk

    No more ticket pile-ups

    The Intercom inbox is AI-enhanced and designed for speed and efficiency. Unlike Zendesk, our tickets continue the conversation. No switching tools, no lost context, and no ticket backlogs—so your team can resolve complex issues faster.

  • AI Chatbot

    Resolutions in minutes—not months

    Our breakthrough AI chatbot, Fin, can resolve up to 50% of support questions, instantly. Fin sets the new standard for AI in customer service, dramatically reducing support volume, unlocking 24/7 support, and delivering CSAT-boosting service. Plus, Fin can be activated in minutes.

    Zendesk's Answer Bot can't do any of that.

  • Proactive Support

    Support that doesn't wait

    Give customers the support they need, before they need it. Onboard, educate, and notify customers with proactive messages on your website, mobile app, email, mobile push, or SMS. Proactive support means fewer questions for your team and much happier customers.

    Zendesk has no proactive support tools.

Zendesk customers are switching to Intercom every single day

  • “Since moving our support ticketing from Zendesk to Intercom, we’re not only saving both money and agent time by consolidating to one support platform, but we’re also delivering a faster and more personalized experience to our customers.

    Eric Wantland, Director of Support at Copper
  • “While using Zendesk, our average CSAT score was 64%, and after just three months with Intercom, we've been reporting 85% to 100% CSAT. Plus, Intercom’s AI bot is deflecting 55% of our our CS team can focus on more detailed questions.”

    John Wisnieski, 
    CS Operations Manager
  • “We had difficulties with Zendesk not being a plug-and-play solution. Design and engineering resources are needed to get set up. Intercom was easy to configure and implement while offering the ability to provide conversational support.”

    Brett Rush, 
    Director of Customer Experience
  • “Before using Intercom, we didn’t have a single source of truth for customer contact, which is what we wanted. A key value differentiator of Intercom compared with Zendesk was its ability to offer proactive and self-serve support capabilities.”

    Vincent Terol, 
    Head of Customer Success
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Smooth migration.
Simple integration.

Whether you're starting fresh with Intercom or migrating from Zendesk, set up is quick and easy.

G2 ranks Intercom higher than Zendesk for ease of setup, and support quality—so you can expect a smooth transition, effortless onboarding, and continuous success.