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Customer Support at Intercom

At Intercom, we make it simple for customers and businesses to connect. And as the Customer Support team at a company that’s revolutionizing customer support, we're growing fast and looking for talented teammates. Sound like you? Join us.
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How we work
The Customer Support team at Intercom is guided by a set of principles that we all take to heart. They're not just nice words—they serve as a guide to keep our team on the same page, and a daily reminder of what it takes to do great work.
  • Be an owner

    We set the bar high for ourselves. We want our team to be the best of the best. That's why we handle every customer issue as if we were the owners of Intercom—because in a sense, we are.

  • Be resourceful

    We’re creative. If we see a roadblock, we’ll find a way around it. We’re constantly pushing to update our skills and understanding—sharing what we’ve learned and leveraging the know-how within our team.

  • Thrive under pressure

    We're calm under pressure. We’re here to provide solutions—whatever the situation, whatever the issue.

  • Give feedback fearlessly

    Positive or constructive, we give and receive feedback with an open mind and the will to improve.

  • Connect personally, with empathy

    We treat our customers like people, not tickets—with empathy, compassion, and even a little well-placed fun.

  • Practice patience

    We’re patient—with ourselves, with each other, and especially with customers. We know that the perfect resolution can sometimes take a little time, and we’re ready to see it through to the end.

It’s a great opportunity—customer support at a support-focused company. This is a chance to impact how support should be done. It’s a chance to grow personally and professionally, and it’s a chance to connect with customers and join a fun and caring team.

Bobby Stapleton, Director, Customer Support

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