You can integrate Intercom with your Zendesk account to get live data on your users, ensuring your whole team has the customer information they need to provide excellent support. And you can also send Intercom conversations to Zendesk as tickets.

There are two parts to this app: 

  • View your live customer data from Intercom within Zendesk: Get the context you need to provide better support with Intercom data in your ticket view. You can easily select what information from Intercom you want to see, and add tags to your users' Intercom profiles from Zendesk to ensure your teammates are kept informed.
  • Forward conversations from Intercom to Zendesk as tickets: If you have Messages Pro or Inbox Pro, you can send conversations to Zendesk as tickets from your team inbox, so you can easily get support from your teammates using Zendesk and seamlessly forward the conversation for assistance. 

How to Install

To view your Intercom data within Zendesk:

1. First, log in to your Zendesk account and navigate to Intercom’s app in the Marketplace

2. Then, click on the ‘Install’ button to start the installation.

3. Next, choose a name for your Intercom panel and click to confirm. You will now see Intercom listed in your enabled apps list.

4. Navigate to the ticket view (by clicking on an existing ticket) and select 'Apps.'

5. You’ll see the Intercom panel on the right hand side. Click the ‘Connect to Intercom’ button and authorize your account.

6. Your customer data from Intercom will now display in this panel. You can customize what data is shown by clicking on the cog.

Note: This app displays user, not company data from Intercom. 

To install the 'Forward to Zendesk' option in Intercom:

Before you start, you’ll need to retrieve your Zendesk credentials and create a Zendesk API key - you can do this by going to your settings within Zendesk (click on the cog on the left hand side), and navigating to API in the ‘Channels’ section. 

  1. Log in to Intercom and go to the app store. 
  2. Search for and select ‘Forward to Zendesk’, then click 'Install now.’ 

3. Enter your email address, Zendesk API token and Zendesk app name in the fields provided and click ‘Complete Integration.’ 

4. You’ll now see the ‘forward to Zendesk’ button in your inbox, as long as the customer you’re talking to has a valid email address associated with them in Intercom. 

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