With the Stripe Subscriptions app, it’s quick and easy to convert trial users into paying ones, and to upgrade paying users on to new plans.  

When a user enquires about signing up for a paid plan or upgrading their existing plan, your sales team can send them upgrade details and a button via the Messenger. Then, the user can confirm and pay for their new plan, without leaving the Messenger. 


  • The Stripe Subscriptions app only works for logged-in users. It doesn’t work for leads or visitors. 
  • The app is available by default with any paid Intercom plan.
  • You’ll need to use Stripe’s Subscriptions product to manage your products and subscriptions. 
  • You’ll need to be a Stripe admin to install the app, but once it’s installed, all teammates in Intercom can use it in conversations with your users. 

Install the Stripe Subscriptions app 

You can install the Stripe Subscriptions app from your Messenger app settings or from the app store. Here we’re going to install it from the app store (but both methods work the same). 

First, head to the app store, then select the Stripe Subscriptions app.

Then, click ‘Install now.’ You’ll be asked to connect your Stripe account to Intercom.

Next, if you’re not signed into Stripe you’ll be prompted to sign in to complete the installation.

Quickly upgrade or start new subscriptions 

Now, when a trial/freemium user is considering signing up for a paid account or a paying user is ready to upgrade, you can share payment details with them in the Messenger. And it’s quick and easy for them to confirm payment for their new plan too. 

Just select the app from the inbox composer when you’re talking to promising customers. 

If there’s a customer with the same email in the connected Stripe account, we’ll match it to the email address for the existing Stripe customer. So, you can simply select the user we’ve added. Or, you can create a new customer, right from the inbox.

Note: You need to make sure there’s an email address for the user you’re chatting to before sharing the Stripe Subscription app. 

Now, select the plan/plans you’d like to share with your customers. You can select one or more plans. 

Note: If your customer has an existing plan with you, we’ll automatically select and tick the existing plan. If you don’t want the existing plan to appear in the overall cost of the plan, you’ll need to deselect it. 

Next, you can offer a discount to incentivize your trial/freemium users to sign up for a paid plan or your paying customers to upgrade. 

Note: If you’d like to add discounts or edit existing discounts, you can do so in your Stripe dashboard. 


  • If you’d like to add new payment plans or edit existing plans you’ll need to do so in your Stripe dashboard. It’s possible to add multiple currencies, like £’s and $’s. 
  • You can select multiple plans for a customer but those plans must match in currency and have the same duration (e.g. you can’t mix a monthly plan with an annual plan). 

You’ll then see the plan or plans you choose in the message to your customer. It’s often a good idea to add a little contextual note to the message before clicking send. 

Now, your customers will see the detailed cost of your plan, including any discounts you’ve added. They’ll also see your call to action to confirm the transaction. 

Once they confirm that they’d like to pay for the new plan, they’ll be prompted to input their payment details.

Note: If your customer has previously added their credit card details, a preview will appear here. They’ll see the brand of the card. If they’d like to change their card details, they can click the link and edit their details. 

Now, once your customer clicks ‘pay’, they’ll receive confirmation that the payment has been successful. 

Note: The Stripe Subscriptions app isn't available on our Mobile SDKs. This is in accordance with Apple App Store and Google Play Store guidelines on payments inside apps.

Best practices for converting or upgrading users 

Here are some tips for converting your trial users and upgrading your paying users in a personal and friendly way: 

Wait for the right moment to share subscription details 

Wait for the right moment to share subscription details with a user. Ideally the customer should have requested it. You don’t want to come across as too pushy and risk losing the customer. 

Offer a discount for a limited time to promote urgency 

If a customer is already interested in signing up to a paid account or upgrading to a new plan, but they’re taking their time, you can offer them a discount for a limited time period. This will promote a sense of urgency and inspire them to act quickly so they don’t miss out on a great deal. 

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