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Campaign Monitor Subscribe app: capture new subscribers
Campaign Monitor Subscribe app: capture new subscribers

Capture new subscribers in the Messenger and sync with any Campaign Monitor mailing list.

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With the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app, you can capture new email subscribers in the Messenger and sync them with your Campaign Monitor mailing lists. 

If your customers aren’t ready to create an account or make a purchase, they can leave their email address. And you can offer rewards like valuable content, a discount code or just follow up with a simple thank you message. 

Note: To use the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app you’ll need a paid Campaign Monitor account and any paid Intercom plan

Install the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app 

You can install the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app from your Messenger app settings or from the app store. Here we’re going to install it from the app store (but both methods work the same). 

First, head to the app store and search for the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app: 

Next, click ‘Install now.’ 

Then, click ‘Connect.’ If you haven’t logged into your Campaign Monitor Account you’ll be prompted to do so. You’ll also need to ‘Allow access’ to accept permissions. 

Choose which content to display to customers 

Now, you’ll need to fill out the content that will appear in the Messenger card for your customers. 

First, select the Campaign Monitor mail list you’d like to sync to Intercom, like your ‘newsletter subscriber’ list. 

Then, add a clear and enticing title. 

Pro tip: This is your call to action - it should incentivize people to give you their email address. We recommend telling people what they’ll gain by subscribing - for example, that could be tips or a discount code. 

Next, add a description. 

This gives you a little more room to explain your call to action. For example, you can tell your customers that they should subscribe to your newsletter in exchange for tips, a discount code or a piece of content you’re offering. 

Then, add a friendly confirmation message. It’s a good idea to let your customers know you’re grateful they signed up. 

Next, we recommend adding a reward for customers to receive after leaving their email address. You can offer: 

  • A discount code

  • A link to a piece of content they can download (like an ebook, a whitepaper or a cheatsheet)

  • Or useful additional text (for example, you could let customers know that they’ll receive your newsletter every Monday) 

If you choose a download link, you’ll need to give your link a name and provide a link to your content.

Capture new subscribers in the Messenger

Once you set up the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app, there are two ways you can capture new subscribers: 

  • You can add the app to your Messenger home and let users/visitors discover it themselves

  • Or you can share it in conversations with individual users/visitors 

Add the app to your Messenger home

You can add the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app to your Messenger home in your Messenger settings. Just head to the ‘Add Messenger Home Apps’ section in your settings, click ‘Add an app’, then select the Campaign Monitor Subscribe app. 

Once you save and set the app live, your users/visitors will be prompted to subscribe to your mailing list once they open the Messenger in your product/on your site. 

As soon as they enter their email address, they’ll receive their reward and confirmation that they’ve subscribed. 

Share the app in conversations

If a visitor or user asks to subscribe to your newsletter, you can share the app from the inbox. Click the ‘App store’ icon, then select the ‘Campaign Monitor Subscribe’ app. 

If you like you can add context to the card before sending it. For example, you can say something short and simple, like ‘You can sign up here.’ 

It’s also a good idea to sign off your message with an offer to help answer any additional questions. 

Best practices for capturing more quality subscribers: 

Test and optimize your subscription form

Test out a few different ways to engage your customers and capture their email addresses. For example, try out different types of rewards, titles and description text. You’ll soon find the approach that works best for your customers. 

Create different types of engaging content to share with customers 

Here are some tips for creating content your customers will want to read and sign up for: 

  • Send your customers a message asking what they’d like to read. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to gauge appetite for a particular topic or medium. 

  • Analyze your Google Analytics data to see the types of content your customers are reading and sharing most. Once you spot the most popular topics you can create more content around this 🙌 

  • Here’s some inspiration for writing ebooks worth reading 😄 

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