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Stripe App: Import users and upgrade or start new subscriptions
Stripe App: Import users and upgrade or start new subscriptions

Import your Stripe users, create attributes from their Stripe data and quickly upgrade or start new subscriptions for customers.

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With the Stripe app, you can easily import your Stripe users to Intercom and create attributes from their Stripe data (like price plan, monthly balance and more).

You can also quickly upgrade your customers’ subscriptions or start new subscriptions as you chat in the Inbox. Here’s how to get started: 

Install the Stripe app

First, go to the app store, select the Stripe app and click ‘Install now.’

You can connect multiple Stripe accounts with Intercom, just click ‘Add new account’. 

Note: If you connect multiple accounts, you must set a primary account to use the Stripe app in your inbox. You will need to be an admin in Stripe to connect the integration. If you have a developer account in Stripe, you will not be able to connect to third party apps.

Important: If you're already logged into Stripe, adding an additional account might not work. To fix this, just log out of Stripe. Once logged out, click 'Add new account' in Intercom and follow the next steps.

Once connected, you should enable ‘sync’ to import your Stripe customer data into Intercom. You’ll then be able to use this data to filter and segment your users, and send targeted messages based on account balance, plan, monthly price, and more.


  • The Stripe app only works when Stripe is in ‘Live Mode’. It doesn't sync users when in ‘Test Mode’.

  • Intercom matches your users’ Stripe data based on their email address. For data syncing to work, you must use Stripe’s ‘email address’ field to store email addresses. ⚠️ Emails are sensitive when used with Stripe ⚠️

  • Even if we were to lower case all emails in Intercom that are looked up in Stripe, there would still be an issue with them not matching if the case was different in Stripe, so make sure your emails are case-matched.

  • If a different Stripe user is synced with the same email address, this will overwrite the Stripe attributes for the user in Intercom with that email address. For this reason we recommend you avoid having multiple active Stripe users with the same email address when using this integration.

  • Once you’ve imported your customers’ data, Intercom uses webhooks from Stripe to update Intercom users with live Stripe data.

  • Attributes imported from Stripe are prefixed with 'STRIPE_' so you'll be able to easily distinguish them from other custom attributes.

  • If users imported from Stripe don’t already exist in Intercom, new users will be created in Intercom.

  • Leads can indeed be synced with stripe customers as long as they have an email address.

  • You can only send subscriptions to Intercom users, not leads.

Intercom imports the following set of attributes from your Stripe customer base to store as custom data on your Intercom users.

  • stripe_id — the customer ID in Stripe.

  • stripe_account_balance

  • stripe_delinquent — Delinquency status in Stripe (true/false).

  • stripe_plan_interval — Plan interval in Stripe (e.g. monthly).

  • stripe_plan_interval_count - Plan interval count in Stripe (e.g. 3).

  • stripe_plan_price

  • stripe_plan — Name of the current plan in Stripe.

  • stripe_subscription_period_start_at — Date when subscription period started.

  • stripe_subscription_status

  • stripe_card_expires_at — Expiration date of stored credit card.

  • stripe_card_brand — e.g. Visa.

  • Several events such as invoice_created, created_subscription, charged, charge_refunded, charge_failed, and deleted_subscription are also sent to Intercom. 

Check subscriptions as you chat

You can easily view subscriptions during conversations, by adding the Stripe app to your inbox. Just click ‘Customize’ then ‘+ Add more’ and select Stripe from the list:

Once added, you’ll be able to quickly check your customer’s Stripe details, active subscriptions, and the three most recent payments, without needing to leave the conversation.

To see more info, just click on their name, subscription, or any of their payments. You’ll then see an expanded view, so you can quickly resolve common payment or account balance queries. 

Help customers upgrade 

If a free user wants to sign up for a paid account, or if a paying user is ready to upgrade, you can easily allow them to upgrade straight from your conversation. And it’s quick and easy for them to confirm payment for their new plan too. 

Just click ‘Create new customer’ or ‘Lookup in Stripe’.

Note: If the email address of the person you’re chatting with doesn't exist in Stripe, you’ll need to create them as a new customer, or update the email address of the user in Intercom to match them with an existing account in Stripe. You can do this by updating the email of the user in Intercom or in Stripe.

Then, click ‘Send a subscription’ and choose one or more plans for the customer to choose from. 

Note: To edit your payment plans or discounts, log in to your Stripe dashboard.

Note: To select multiple plans for a customer those plans must match in currency and have the same duration (e.g. you can’t mix a monthly plan with an annual plan).

If your customer has an existing plan with you, it will be automatically selected. If you don’t want the existing plan to appear in the overall cost of the plan, you’ll need to deselect it. 

Next, apply a discount coupon, or skip this step. Finally, click ‘Send to customer’.

You’ll then see a preview of the plan or plans you choose in the message composer. 

Pro tip: It’s a good idea to add a contextual note to the message before clicking send.

Once shared, your customers will see the following details in the Messenger:

  • The detailed cost of your plan.

  • Any discounts you’ve added. 

  • The total cost for their first payment, and the cost of future payments.

  • Your call to action to confirm the transaction. 

Once they confirm that they’d like to pay for the new plan, they’ll be prompted to input their payment details.

After your customer clicks ‘Pay’, they’ll see confirmation that the payment has been successful. 

Note: The Stripe app isn't available on our Mobile SDKs. This is in accordance with Apple App Store and Google Play Store guidelines on payments inside apps.

If you don’t want your teammates to send subscriptions your customers, you can disable this in your Stripe app settings: 

Uninstalling Stripe

To uninstall the Stripe app go to the app store, select Stripe and click ‘Uninstall’.

Tips for converting or upgrading users:

  • Wait for the right moment to share subscription details with a user. Ideally, the customer should have requested it. You don’t want to come across as too pushy and risk losing the customer.

  • If a customer is already interested in signing up to a paid account or upgrading to a new plan, but they’re taking their time, you can offer them a discount for a limited time period. This will promote a sense of urgency and inspire them to act quickly so they don’t miss out on a great deal.


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