Setting up the right notifications will help ensure you never miss a new message or sign up again. Every teammate in your app can manage their notification preferences and daily sign-up email under their individual settings. 

Choose how you get notified of conversations

You can choose whether you’d like to get notified of new conversations by email, desktop, mobile and/or browser alert. Here’s how to choose the best notification options for you: 


If you want to make sure you never miss a conversation you can get notified by email every time a customer gets in touch. Or you can choose to get notified by email in specific situations - for example, when conversations are assigned to you or a team you’re on. 


Sometimes your team will have to tackle other tasks that will take them out of the inbox. For example, they might have to investigate a bug. It can be really hard to switch between tabs and keep an eye on the inbox at the same time. In this case we recommend setting up desktop notifications that appear at the top right corner of your screen.

Important: You’ll only receive desktop notifications if you have a browser tab with the Intercom app open. 


You can get notified of conversations by mobile when you’re on the move too. All you have to do is set up your mobile push notifications. This option helps you keep an eye on important conversations while you’re travelling between meetings, for example.   

Important: You must have the Intercom for iOS or Intercom for Android mobile app to get mobile push notifications. You can learn more about the benefits of downloading the mobile app here

Browser alerts

If you really want to make sure a new message grabs your attention, you can tick the option to blink the browser tab every time you get a message. And you can choose a noise for your browser alert too. 

Learn more about how your push, email and in-app notifications get delivered. 

Get notified of new sign-ups 

Each of your teammates can decide whether or not they’d like to get the daily signup email. This helps you keep track of new customers and companies who sign up that day.

From your notification preferences, you can select to receive a daily list of new signups for either new users or new companies: 

New users daily summary includes:

  • New and interesting users.

  • Yesterday's sign-ups.

  • Anniversaries.

  • Slipping away.

New companies daily summary includes:

  • Companies signed up yesterday.

  • Users signed up yesterday.

  • Companies slipping away.

Next, you’ll want to organize your conversations by team. 

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