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Deleting teammates and their data
Deleting teammates and their data
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When someone is invited to join an Intercom workspace, they become a teammate, and information related to that teammate account  is stored in our databases.

Protecting your rights to your data is critical to our mission at Intercom. This article will walk you through the process of requesting to delete teammate data.

Request removal of your teammate data

In order to have your teammate data permanently removed from our databases, you’ll first need to have your teammate record removed from every workspace you are a part of. Any teammate with access to the Teammates page in the workspace settings can remove teammates.

If you have been added to multiple workspaces, you will need to have a teammate remove you from each workspace individually.

Removal versus deletion, what’s the difference?

When a teammate removes another teammate from a workspace, that means that:

  • The removed teammate’s permissions in the workspace are cancelled. - They will no longer be able to access the workspace.

  • The teammate won't show up in the teammate list anymore. 

  • Messages, conversations, articles and assignment rules are reassigned from removed teammate to a teammate of your choice.

  • Conversations/sent messages will remain unchanged.

However, when you request to have a teammate record permanently deleted, that means that:

  • All references to the existing teammate will be removed from our databases once the deletion is fully processed. 

  • Conversations and messages sent by that teammate will be unchanged.

Request permanent deletion of a teammate record

If you want your own teammate record to be deleted, make sure you are no longer included as a teammate on any workspace. Once your teammate record has been removed from all workspaces, your data will be automatically deleted within 30 days.

If you are requesting to permanently delete a different teammate’s data (not your own), you will need to provide the email address and admin_ID value for that teammate. Make sure you have removed the teammate from your workspace first. Once this is done, reach out to our team at

Hard deletion is permanent, however you can cancel a delete request within 7 days of asking us to delete the teammate. After 7 days the teammate is permanently removed.

How does deleting a teammate affect reporting metrics?

Key points when a teammate is deleted:

  • The conversations remain in reports.

  • Metrics for deleted teammates are removed from the Team performance report.

  • The current assignee is updated on all of their assigned conversations.

  • The newly assigned teammate will have their metrics changed when using Teammate assigned as a filter. This also applies to View by, or Segment by in Custom reports.

  • Teammate assigned is in effect the Teammate currently assigned.

Reports where metrics don't change:

Reports where metrics do change:

For further questions, reach out to us in the Messenger, or see how to contact us with data queries.


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