When a new visitor or user lands on your website for the first time, it’s easy to let them know you’re available to help, without disrupting their experience.

For people who are unfamiliar with the Messenger or unaware that it’s available, this text bubble guides them to your Messenger home screen where they can self-serve or start a conversation. 

Here’s how it works: 

The first time a visitor or user lands on any part of your website that has the standard Messenger launcher, a text bubble asking if they need help will slide out of the side of the launcher icon. 

Then, it will disappear after a few seconds, letting that visitor/user get on with browsing your site/using your product. 


  • If a new visitor/user opens the Messenger within 6 seconds of landing on your site, we won’t trigger the text bubble. 

  • You can’t edit the text bubble. 

When a visitor/user clicks the text bubble, they’ll see your Messenger home screen, where they can engage with a Messenger app or start a conversation. 


  • If you just have our Inbox product or have Inbox and Articles, the text bubble will automatically trigger for visitors and users. 

  • If you have our Messages product, the text bubble will only trigger if a visitor/user isn't matched to receive a visitor/user auto message. 

When does/doesn’t the text bubble appear? 

  • The text bubble only appears after 6 seconds on pages where you have the Messenger installed. 

  • Visitors/users will only experience this once, during their first visit of your website. 

  • The text bubble will only appear for visitors/users if they haven’t opened the Messenger on that page. 

  • The text bubble will only appear when a visitor/user hasn’t received a visitor/user auto message and they aren’t lined up to receive one. 

  • The text bubble will only trigger to visitors/users during your office hours, when your team is available to reply.  

  • If you have inbound conversations disabled the text bubble won’t show. 

  • The text bubble won’t show on your Help Center. 

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