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Using qualifiers for Custom Answers
Using qualifiers for Custom Answers

Send Custom Answers only when customers use specific words in their question.

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If you’d like an Custom Answer to send only when specific words are used in the question, use qualifiers.  

Most answers don’t require qualifiers. By adding them, the answer will only send for questions that contain those words, and not for any similar questions without them.

The presence of qualifiers in a question doesn't guarantee an answer will send.

Adding qualifiers to a question

To add qualifiers, click on Configure qualifiers.

You can then add qualifiers, either in a row, or separated by commas: 

How to format qualifiers 

If you’d like the answer to trigger for any of your qualifiers, put commas between them. A comma works as an any rule.

  • For example payment, card would trigger for a question that contained either payment OR card.

If you’d like your answer to trigger only when all qualifiers are in the question, don’t use commas. Words separated by spaces work as an all rule.

  • For example payment card would only trigger for a question that contained payment AND card. These words can appear anywhere in the question and in any order e.g. "How do I make a card payment online?" would trigger for the payment card qualifier.

Once you’ve saved your qualifiers, your answer will only send to questions containing those words.

For qualifiers to work, you'll also need to add at least one example question, either from the suggestions or manually.

You should also ensure that the words in your example questions correspond with the qualifiers you add.


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