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Can I turn off replies for messages I send?
Can I turn off replies for messages I send?
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One of our core philosophies at Intercom is to make it easier for your users to talk to you. Conversations are how you will win, delight and ultimately convert non-paying customers into paying customers.

However, we also understand that sometimes it doesn't make sense to allow your users to reply with text. That's why, you can choose 'Reaction' as your response type instead: 

Or, if you're sending a post message you can choose 'None':

This is perfect for simple alerts, and notifications that don't require a response. 👍

Also, if you have Intercom Messages and can’t handle the volume of new conversations you’re receiving, you can turn off inbound conversations in your Messenger settings. Once this is turned off, people won’t see the ‘new conversation’ button in the Messenger. 


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