To add or delete a teammate, you can click here to go directly to your teammates page, or navigate there with the instructions below. 

Add a teammate

  • Hover over your avatar at the bottom left-hand side of the screen and select your 'Settings.' 

  • Then choose 'Teammates' from the left menu. 

Now, click the 'Add new teammates' button in the top right: 

To add one or a few teammates, just enter the email address of the teammate or teammates you'd like to invite, and click 'continue'.

Adding teammates in bulk

There are two ways to add teammates in bulk:

  • You can paste in a list of email addresses to the field shown above. ☝️ 

  • Or, select "Import teammates" from the drop down instead:

Then drag and drop, or select a CSV file from your computer:

Note: Your CSV should contain one column with their email addresses.

After entering or importing this group of teammates, set their permissions:

Tip: Read this article to find out more about permissions settings

To help you comply with the GDPR legislation, we’ve updated our deletion process for teammates.

How to remove teammates

Before, you could delete a teammate and reassign messages and conversations, but the teammate data could be restored if needed and there are references to the original teammate in old conversations. 

We’re keeping this feature but calling it ‘Remove’. Removed teammates are not permanently deleted, but will not be visible in your app.
Go to Settings > Teammates and click "Edit" on the teammate you'd like to remove, then click "Remove teammate":

To permanently delete teammates' data check out this article:

Deleting teammates and their data

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