When you set a tour live, you’ll see how many customers have viewed and completed it over time. You’ll also find any issues it has had in the ‘Issues’ tab. Just click ‘Issues’ to see more:

Here, you’ll see each time your tour has experienced an issue with finding a CSS selector: 

Note:  A CSS selector is a piece of code that’s used to identify the part of your site your pointer should point to. 

This report tracks an issue when a tour successfully delivers to a customer, but one of the website elements you’ve chosen to point to isn’t visible on the page. When an issue occurs, your pointer will show to customers in a non-pointing state, like this:

For guidance on fixing CSS issues, read this article.

There are also two issues this report doesn’t show, that will either stop your tour from sending or completing:

  • If your tour’s first pointer message is targeted at an element that can’t be found on the page, the tour won't send. If you see that your tour isn’t sending to anyone, you should test if you can show it on the page you’ve targeted.
  • If you use the ‘click to advance’ option, your tour will bring customers to a new page. If your next message points to an element that doesn’t appear on the new page, the tour won’t continue.

If you see low send or completion rates, you should test for these issues. You can learn how in this guide to testing your Product Tour.

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