Before you show your tour to customers, it’s important to test it to ensure it sends correctly.

Here’s how to test your tour to ensure it works:

Set up your tour to send to you only

When testing your tour, make sure customers can’t access it. Here’s how to test your tour without showing it to customers:

  • To test automatic targeting, ensure only you can see it by adding your own email address as an audience rule.
  • To test sharing, turn on the ‘Use tour everywhere’ step, and use the sharing URL to test it internally.

Note: Tours set up to show automatically will only deliver once per user so you’ll need to sign in as a new user each time you want to test the tour. 

Test your tour

Once you’ve built your tour, we recommend testing it in the following ways before publishing to your end users:

1. Test as a new user

If you’ve built a tour to show to new users, you should sign up to your product from scratch and test your tour as a real new user. This will ensure your tour works when your product is completely fresh, and with no data.

2. Test with all your different product permissions

If your product has different permission levels, i.e. basic, admin, super admin; you should test your tour as a user with each of these different permission levels. This will ensure your tour works for every type of user. It will also ensure your tour is built on a page every user can access.

3. Test that your tour works with and without product content

If your product can be filled with user generated content, you should make sure your tours work with and without content. You should test empty states as well as your product with content. 

What else should I test?

You can ensure your tour is robust in a few more ways:

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