With Product Tours, you can create a sequence of messages to guide customers around your product. By default, your tour will show customers around a single page. Customers can advance the messages in your tour by clicking ‘Next’:

You can also let customers click the website element, like a button or navigation link, to advance a tour. If clicking the website element goes to another page, you can continue building your tour on that next page. Or, you could encourage customers to click to show hidden elements, like a dropdown menu. 

To set this up, choose a website element for your pointer to point at:

Once you’ve composed your message, click the dropdown ‘How should the tour advance’ then select 'Clicking on the element':

Lastly, click ‘Save step’:

Note: When you click 'Save step', we will automatically click the highlighted element so your product is in the correct state when you create your tour’s next step. 

Once you set your tour live, customers will be brought to the next page or website element when they click this message in your tour. 

To force the tour to navigate to another page, so you can add the next step elsewhere:

  1. Click 'Add pointer'.

  2. Then, click 'Navigate somewhere else'.

  3. Navigate to the page where your tour should continue.

  4. Click 'Start here'.

Note: This allows you to navigate through your site as you build the tour. It will not automatically progress the tour to another page when a user receives it.

What’s next?

Here are the next steps to take once you’ve designed your tour:

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