What is Intercom?

How Intercom works, what it can do for your business and what makes it different to other solutions.

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What can I do with Intercom?

You can use Intercom for:

  • Customers - Meet your customers wherever they are, whenever they contact you, with omnichannel support and a fully integrated help center. Plus, forget everything you knew about chatbots—with Intercom you'll have Fin AI Agent.

  • Support agents - Maximize agent productivity with a complete, easy-to-use inbox featuring Fin AI Copilot, tickets and built-in phone.

  • Support leaders - Optimize team performance with AI reporting and insights, workflow automation, outbound messages, and robust integrations.

Who uses Intercom?

Small businesses and startups to mid-market companies. Intercom offers three plans to cater for all your needs — whether you're just starting out, or you have a large support team and established operations.

Is Intercom for you?

Start a free trial and find out — no credit card required.

What sets Intercom apart?

Intercom is the only complete AI-first customer service platform. The platform is built on a single AI system with three major components designed to transform customer service for everyone:

  • AI Agent provides instant, accurate answers for customers 24/7.

  • AI Copilot provides instant, always-on assistance for support agents.

  • AI Analyst (coming in 2024) provides holistic AI insights and recommendations for support leaders.

All three learn from every customer conversation to improve the system. That’s what makes Intercom the only complete AI-first customer service platform. And we are determined to make Intercom the best, and the only customer service platform you will ever need.


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