What is each product for?

Intercom’s plans all contain different features which enable you to engage with your customers in different ways.

Team Inbox

Answer customer questions through a collaborative, shared, and highly customizable Inbox. Intercom’s Team Inbox enables you to support your customers in a personal and scalable way.

Outbound Messages

Use targeted email, mobile push, and in-app messages to encourage customers to take action, or convert visitors to loyal customers. Outbound Messages enable you to onboard, and proactively support your customers on the web and in your mobile app.

Help Center Articles

Publish articles to a knowledge base to provide your customers with self-serve support. Articles can be shared automatically in the Messenger, or by teammates in conversations.

Product Tours

Onboard and support customers and highlight new features with guided, adoption-driving tours.

Custom Bots

Create customized, conversational bots to qualify leads, triage support inquiries and more.

Resolution Bot

Automatically answer customer questions and resolve simple issues so your team has more time for personal customer interactions.

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What features do I get with each plan?

For an outline of the key features included with each plan, including the features that come with the Intercom Platform, see our plans and pricing here.

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