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Intercom features explained
Intercom features explained

Learn about each of Intercom's features for customer service.

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Intercom's customer service solution

AI-first is a totally new way to deliver customer service. The entire Intercom platform is powered by AI—so customers get instant support with an AI Agent, agents get instant answers with an AI copilot, and support leaders get instant AI insights.

For customers

Fin AI Agent is more than an AI chatbot: using the most sophisticated AI language models, it instantly resolves customer issues across channels with accurate, conversational answers based solely on your support content.

Conversations from every channel—including email, phone, and messenger—route directly to your inbox for easier prioritization and resolution.

Deliver support content to your customers wherever they are with an on-brand and integrated help center that customers can access through any channel.

For support agents

Fin AI Copilot works with your agents in the inbox, generating expert answers from more sources than any copilot on the market. With Fin, your team can work smarter, faster, and deliver truly remarkable customer experiences.

Maximize productivity with an AI-enhanced inbox. Work smarter and collaborate faster with our configurable, shared inbox designed for speed and efficiency.

Resolve complex issues more efficiently with tickets designed to streamline collaboration and keep the conversation going—no switching tools, no lost context, no missed updates.

Use phone calls, video calls, and screen sharing to troubleshoot customer issues faster with modern, native phone support.

For support leaders

Monitor, analyze and optimize your support operation with instant AI insights, real-time performance data, customizable reports and actionable CSAT and customer feedback.

Automate repetitive tasks for customers and agents with our no-code visual builder—including triggers, conditions, rules, and Fin AI Agent.

Knowledge Hub Coming Soon

Knowledge Hub is a central knowledge management system to optimize and configure all of your content sources for AI, agents and self-serve support.

Onboard, educate, and notify your customers with in-context, automated messages—so you can reduce support volume and keep your customers happy.

No more point solutions, or clunky integrations. Intercom has everything you need to maximize productivity and deliver personalized support.

Which features do I get with each plan?

For a full breakdown of features included with each plan, see our plans and pricing.


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