Intercom Messages includes four pre-made email templates. The Company template includes your logo at the top and company address in the footer. The Announcement template includes your logo and address, as well as Facebook and Twitter icons in the footer.

Note: When you update your logo, address, or social accounts, all other messages using the templates will update as well (current or future).

How to update your templates

From the Outbound tab, create a new email message or edit an existing one:

Then, under “Create your message”, select the Company or Announcement email template:

Click the current image at the top of the email and select “Change logo” to upload a new file from your computer. We support gif, jpeg, and png files, but not vector logos (ai, eps).

Tip: It's possible to use an SVG file for your logo, but not all email providers support this format.

Update your company address:

In the footer, select the current address and click “Change physical address” to edit the text. You can also delete the text to remove the address completely.

Note: Including a valid physical address is important to comply with anti-spam legislation in many countries, to show that you’re not sending unsolicited or fraudulent emails.

Update your social icons:

In the footer, click on the social icons and select “Change social accounts”. Add your social handle in each field that you want displayed. For example, if your Twitter profile is, enter ‘exampleapp’ in the field. You can leave any field blank to remove the social icon from the footer.


  • Social icons are available in the Announcement template only.

  • Currently only Twitter and Facebook are supported. If you’d like to add additional links to your social media accounts, you can create a custom email template.

Finally, save your message. Your logo, address, and social accounts will update for all company and announcement templates currently live or in draft mode, and any new messages you create.

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