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Onboard and nurture your app users with Mobile Carousels
Onboard and nurture your app users with Mobile Carousels

Welcome new users to your mobile app, make announcements, request device permissions and much more.

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Mobile Carousels are multi-page messages that allow you to show your users everything your app has to offer. Make feature announcements, onboard new users and even request device permissions like push notifications, location, or camera access.

Mobile Carousels are highly customizable and simple to create, with no code required.

See Mobile Carousels in action 👇

Mobile Carousels connect you with your app users at every touchpoint:

  • Onboarding - Welcome new app users and highlight your best features.

  • Nurture - Target specific users and show them features they’re missing out on, to help them get more value from your app.

  • Announcements - Tell your users when you launch a feature or promotion.

  • Proactive support - Let people know about changes or issues that might affect them, and let them start a conversation in the Messenger directly from the carousel.

App users who engage with Mobile Carousels show 5% better retention.


Here’s how they work:

You can build a carousel from scratch or start with a template:

The carousel builder is flexible. You can easily choose and customize layouts, so every screen is just right:

Carousels encourage your users to act, with a range of button actions to choose from:

  • Opening a deep link to a page in your app.

  • Opening an external link to a page on your site, or social share link for example.

  • Starting a conversation in the Messenger.

  • Requesting camera, microphone, location, photo gallery, or push notification permissions.

Tip: Mobile Carousels can increase the number of users who grant device permissions like push notifications. Intercom’s mobile app has seen an increase from 40% of users to 75%. 🎉

Flexible targeting allows you to send carousels to the right people at the right time:

Quickly measure the impact of Mobile Carousels with goals, A/B testing and control groups:

Can I use Mobile Carousels in my web app?

Mobile Carousels are specifically designed to work with native mobile apps (iOS and Android). For an engaging multi-step experience on your desktop, try Product Tours.


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