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Sending mobile carousels
Launch mobile carousels from a button in your mobile app
Launch mobile carousels from a button in your mobile app

Open a Mobile Carousel directly for your customers with native mobile methods.

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Intercom’s mobile SDKs (iOS, Android, Cordova or React Native) allow you to launch Mobile Carousels (or Articles) when your customers take specific actions in your app.

Use these methods to:

  • Open carousels from a list of tutorials on a help screen.

  • Show an article about shipping or returns on your order screen.

  • Launch an article or carousel automatically if a payment fails, or error occurs.

  • And more.


  • To use these methods, upgrade your app to at least the following SDK version:

    • Android — 8.3.0

    • iOS — 8.1.0

    • Cordova — 9.3.0

    • React Native — 1.0.0

  • Carousels launched with code will bypass audience filters and display for any logged in user.

  • A Carousel launched with code will open every time the method is called, so can be seen by the same user multiple times.

How does it work?

You’ll find the right method for your app at one of the following links:

As an example, this is the method for iOS:


Where 123456’ would need to be replaced with the ID of your carousel, which you can find under the “Trigger your carousel from code” tab:

Series, control groups and A/B tests

Mobile carousels in a series cannot be launched programmatically with code. You must move them out of the series if you’d like to launch them with the SDK methods.

It’s not possible to launch a carousel programmatically while it has a control group enabled, you will need to disable the control group to share it with code.

If you have a carousel with an A/B test enabled, and a single customer launches it multiple times, they will always see the same version of the carousel.


When a carousel is triggered from code you’ll see this in the list of recipients, and the CSV export:

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