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Set expectations during holidays
Set expectations during holidays

Let customers know when to expect a response while your team is out of the office for a holiday.

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There are a few ways you can set expectations with customers while you're out of the office for a holiday:

Set new office hours

Leverage your office hours to display when you'll be back in the office right from the Messenger Home, and to have Operator respond to incoming chats with your expected reply time.

Go to your Messenger > General settings > Office hours and reply times and set up the individual days you will be available, and remove the days you're out of the office.

Note: You'll need to adjust these days before the holiday, and add them back manually afterwards.

Show a special notice

You can also set a special notice to display at the top of the Messenger when a customer opens a new chat, to let people know that you're off for the holiday and will contact them when you return.

Remember to turn this notice off when you're back 😉

Direct customers to self-serve

If your team is unavailable to respond to incoming messages over the holiday, you can toggle off "Let visitors start a conversation" from Messenger > General settings > Control inbound volume so visitors and/or users can't start a conversation.

Use the Article Search app in the Messenger Home so customers can search for answers to their questions. You can also leverage Fin AI Agent in workflows for automated interactions.

Set up a Workflow to automatically reply to customers and direct them to self-serve resources

To set up a workflow for public holidays with delayed response times, you can use a Custom Bot workflow that triggers when a customer sends their first message.

To configure the trigger settings for your workflow, you can choose custom times to display the workflow. Click the start time, then hold the 'Shift' key and click the end time.

Please keep in mind that trigger times are based on your workspace's timezone.

Create a custom message within set times to show when a customer starts a new conversation, informing them about the delayed response times during public holidays. The whole workflow could look like the example below 👇


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