How to request a 2FA recovery code
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If you or your teammates require your 2FA code to be sent to you via email, you can do this via the Teammates section in your Settings.

There are a few important things to note:

  • A teammate cannot perform this action on themselves, they will need another teammate to request 2FA recovery for them.

  • The admin sending the recovery must have the Can manage teammates, seats and permissions permission enabled.

  • Both the teammate that requires the reset and the teammate requesting the reset via Settings must be members of the Workspace where the action is being performed (if you have multiple Workspaces associated with your account).

  • The teammate must have 2FA enabled for their account.

  • This does not disable 2FA for your account. Once you're logged in, you will still need to manually disable this via Your account settings page if required.

Once the teammate receives the email they will need to click on Enter a recovery code from the 2FA authentication page:

What if I'm an only teammate or other teammates don't have relevant permissions?

Not to worry! Get in touch with our Support team via the Messenger and the team will be able to send the email code over to you 🚀


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