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What's new in Help Center?
What's new in Help Center?

We've added 40+ new customization abilities and tools for your Help Center and articles management.

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We understand that each business has different preferences when it comes to their Help Center. That's why we have added over 40 new customization abilities to our Articles product over the past year. Now, you can completely personalize your experience by choosing between different color schemes, layouts, fonts, and more!

In addition to new customization options, we've also made several improvements to Articles management, making it even easier for you to create, find, and organize information.

Let's take a look at these new features in more detail...

New customization options

Help Center homepage

  • Header: new top header can be styled separately to include your logo and multiple links.

  • Hero block: add a personalized welcome message, adjust hero block height, upload image, adjust search bar, and enable fade.

  • Articles section: handpick specific articles to feature on your Help Center homepage.

  • Content section: create a content block to call out any brand messages or updates you'd like to highlight to your customers.


  • Templates and styling: select a collection card template and column layout to create a unique and distinct style on your Help Center, then customize each collection with icons, images, and colors.

  • Show/hide description: choose to show or hide collection descriptions.

  • Three levels: go three levels deep into collections using the simple drag-and-drop interface to organize your content into sub collections.


  • Fonts: choose from a collection of 15 new fonts, or upload your own custom font to further enhance the look of your Help Center and articles.

  • Body background: pick any color as the main body background color. All pages will adapt to the background color, with guaranteed element visibility and text readability.

  • Related articles: display related articles at the end of each article and allow customers to access additional information related to their initial search.

  • Action colors (links and buttons): pick the main action color to apply to buttons, icons, and links on the Homepage, Article page, and Collection page.

  • Table of contents: enable a table of contents to automatically appear on all articles using H1 or H2 headers. With this feature your customers can easily locate and jump to the most relevant sections of an article, enhancing their reading experience and saving them time and effort.

  • Show/hide author: ability to show/hide article author information on the Help Center.


Select a footer template and change text and background color to match your brand style. Then add contact details and multiple links, which can be grouped together under a common heading. Display all your social media channels (with support for 16 social platforms).

Other new features & improvements

Preview design

With all the new customization options available, you can preview changes you make to your Help Center in real-time, before you publish them. Ensuring everything looks perfect at all resolutions across different devices (actual size, mobile, tablet, and desktop).

Multi Help Center

Create and manage multiple Help Centers for your various brands from a single workspace, eliminating the need to use multiple workspaces. This includes support for Mobile SDKs and API.

Articles views

The new way to manage and organize your articles, just the way you like them. Say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through a sea of articles to find the ones you need. With custom Article Views, you can now create and save filtered views of your articles, each tailored to your specific needs and workflows.

Create and manage URL redirects

With the URL redirects tool, you can redirect traffic from any Help Center URL to any URL hosted in Intercom Articles, helping to preserve your SEO relevance score. The Zendesk article importer now handles automatic generation of URL redirects, but you can still edit these with the redirects tool.


More granularity for Help Center Articles permission offers better collaboration on content creation, updates, and management across your team.

Subpaths for Help Center’s custom domain

Configure your Help Center URL using subpaths. This allows you to set up a custom domain for your Help Center in the format

Article editor

The article editor comes with more tools to create and format content just the way you want it, including:

  • Table column widths and cell color - adjust columns in your tables to make them narrower or wider, and change the cell background color.

  • Call-out blocks: add call-out block to emphasize an important part of your article.

  • More headers - new H3 and H4 headers help you create more granular sections.

  • Collapsible sections - hide away information that customers can expand if needed, keeping your articles short, clean and tidy.

  • Resize images inline with text - resize images directly in the Articles editor, and make them inline with text.

  • Autosave articles - your articles will now auto-save while you're writing.

  • Attach files - attach any documents or files you want to your articles to help educate your customers.

  • Version restoring - version history and restoration makes it fast and easy to get that great content back when you need it.

  • Video embeds - embed videos from more sources (JWPlayers, Microsoft Stream, BrightCove, Synthesia and Guidde).

View replies

Quick conversation previews are accessible from every article on the "Conversations" tab, making it faster to identify common queries and gaps in your content.

Date filters

Article performance changes over time as your product, audience and content evolves. Contrast and compare those changes for any time period you need in by selecting a date range from the dropdown on article stats.


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