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Product Tours FAQs
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Can a user/lead be shown a tour automatically multiple times or restart the same tour once it fired for them?

Yes! An end-user can be shown a tour multiple times with the option to Restart a tour.

What happens if a user/visitor matches for both and auto-message and a tour based on the audience rules? Will both fire at the same time?

In this case, the tour will fire before the auto-message.

Does Product Tours work with Internet Explorer 11?

No, Product Tours does not support Internet Explorer 11.

How does localization work for Product Tours?

The buttons in Product Tours (eg: 'Next' in pointer messages) will match the customer's browser language only if that language has been added to your Messenger languages (otherwise, it defaults to the default language).

The content of a Product Tour will not be translated to the customer's browser language. If you want a Product Tour to send in multiple languages, you will need to duplicate the tour, and manually translate the content.

We currently do not support RTL in the Product Tours editor.

If a website is being run locally on someone's computer, will the build banner show?

No, we currently do not officially support Product Tours on locally hosted websites.

Will Product Tours be available on mobile? What will the mobile web experience be?

No, Product Tours do not work on mobile, this includes mobile web and SDKs (i.e.: mobile apps).

Is there a way to identify which end user didn’t complete the tour and where they stopped?

No, we do not report on who did not finish a tour.

Can you change the start URL after selecting it?

Yes, this is possible.

Is it possible to re-order steps? For example, if someone creates all the steps and a teammate is reviewing and realizes one step is missing in the middle, can you add a step in the middle?

This is possible!

Is there a way for the user to skip/quit a tour (I see that each message has an 'X' close button - does this quit the tour)? Does this count as already being sent so they could no longer get and continue with the tour again?

The ‘X’ button will quit the tour but you can send a tour multiple times on events or predefined schedules.

If someone matches multiple tours I see that it says it’ll prioritise based on the tour created date but does not say how. Will it prioritise tours created most recently, or earliest created?

It will prioritise the most recently updated tour.

How can I get an overview of all the product tours my customer has been through?

You can click into a particular user profile and check out the 'recent content' section for a summary of all of the recent Proactive Support content received by a user. However, it is not possible to filter this by only product tours, or to generate an all-time list for a particular user.

Is it possible to duplicate a tour?

Yes, you can do this through the tour editor.

Can I add a tour to my Messenger?

It's possible to add Product Tours to your Messenger Homepage using our Content Showcase app!
Just copy the link to your Product Tour from the Show tour everywhere section of your Tour builder, then use this link when setting up the Content Showcase app.

If you want to include links to multiple Tours on your Messenger home page, select Flexible list when setting up your Content Showcase app.

What’s the limit to how many steps you can have in a tour? Is there a minimum for how many steps should be in a tour before it can be saved?

There isn't currently a limit on the number of steps a tour can have. The minimum is 1 step.

Can I change the URL I build my tour on?

You can! To do this, start editing your tour and in the builder, click on "Settings" and then "Change" under "Design the tour on":

My browser keeps freezing when I try to select a pointer step. What should I do?

If your browser freezes up or you see an error alert display when selecting an element:

  • Add a data-intercom-target selector to the element’s HTML. These selectors are more robust and less prone to errors. There’s more information about these selectors in this article, under the section “How can I ensure my tour sends properly”.

If after adding the data-intercom-target selector your browser is still freezing up when trying to select at an element you should manually enter the selector you want the step to point at, also explained in this article.


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