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How to use conversation content with Fin.

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Your Support team's conversations contain a wealth of knowledge with some of the most reliable and up-to-date information. With conversation content enabled, teammates can suggest content to be used again by Fin, directly from inside the Inbox.

Enabling conversation content for Fin

Conversation content can be enabled from Automation > Fin > Setup & preview under the Use Inbox conversation content section. Use the toggle to turn this on in the Inbox.

Who can suggest conversation content for Fin

You can choose which teammates are able to suggest conversation content from the Inbox. For example, you may only want to enable this for senior Support reps with more experience.

Use the dropdown to select which teammates can suggest their conversation content, or allow Any teammate to suggest content.

How conversation content is approved

Once conversation content is suggested from the Inbox, it will automatically be added as Snippets in your Fin Content. You'll need to decide if these Snippets are:

  • Immediately available to Fin Recommended , or

  • Set them as 'pending' in the 'Content suggestions' page for review.

Making them immediately available is recommended for Fin to use the new content and support more customers as soon as possible, without any additional content management required.

Suggesting content from the Inbox

For some conversations, after a teammate closes or snoozes a conversation, a modal pops up with a suggested question and answer (Q&A). Using AI, this Q&A has automatically been extracted from the content of the conversation, and then rephrased to become more generic, in order to serve as an answer to similar conversations in the future.

The teammate can then:

  • Edit the Q&A if needed,

  • Suggest the content to be used by Fin, or

  • Don’t suggest the content and provide a reason why it was not suggested.

Reviewing and managing conversation content

If you've chosen Snippets to be "Immediately available to Fin"

After a teammate suggests content from the Inbox, this content is immediately available for Fin to use. However, every piece of content goes into the Fin Content page as a Snippet and you can always edit it and enable or disable it (Used by Fin / Not used by Fin) from there.

If you've chosen to "Set them as pending in the Content suggestions page for review"

After a teammate suggests content from the Inbox, it goes into the Content Suggestions page for review.

From there, you can approve or reject the Snippet for Fin:

  • If you approve a Snippet, it will be added to the Fin Content page and set to Used by Fin.

  • If you reject a Snippet, it will be marked as Rejected and removed from the Content Suggestions page.


What do customers see when an AI answer contains a snippet?

Snippets are private pieces of content, meaning that customers can’t access them. A message which contains an AI answer where a Snippet was used will therefore not show a link to the source (as it does with Articles or external sources).

Instead, it shows an information icon ℹ️ which explains, "This answer is generated with AI based on both public and internal sources provided by [your company name]."

What do teammates see when an AI answer contains a snippet?

Teammates in the Inbox will see a reference to the private Snippet, which is not visible to the customer. Clicking on that link will direct them to the Fin Content page, where these Snippets are managed.

Best Practice

It's important to encourage your Support team to review each content suggestion. You want to avoid having unhelpful or duplicate content added to your Fin Content page, because this can reduce Fin's ability to provide accurate answers (and give your content managers a hard job!)

Here are some guidelines for your teammates suggesting content from the Inbox.

What to do when suggesting conversation content:

  • You want to see one clear question with one clear answer.

  • If you can improve the suggestion with some quick changes, do.

  • Check that correct product names are referenced in both the question and answer, and edit if necessary.

  • Check that it’s not a generic question with a very specific answer or use case. If you need to edit the question to be more relevant, do.

This will help to ensure the content being suggested is good quality and optimized for Fin.

When not to suggest conversation content:

  • The question or answer is too complex or unique to a specific customer (e.g. a customer’s report).

  • The answer already exists in Fin Content (e.g. your Intercom Help Center).

  • The answer is too vague, lacks key information to properly resolve the query, or doesn't make sense out of context.

  • The answer is about something which is time sensitive and only relevant for a brief period (e.g. a workaround for a bug which you are fixing).

These are good reasons to select Don't suggest in the pop up modal as they are unlikely to add useful information to your Fin Content.


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