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Reporting FAQs
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Custom Reports

The sum aggregation returns as 0, is that expected behavior?

Yes, when you have no conversations the sum aggregation returns as 0.

Why does the donut chart always show the ‘Other’ group?

This is to ensure that the donut chart compares relationships accurately by showing all ‘slices’ of the attribute they are viewing by. You can bump up the number of slices by changing the "Show top value" beside the attribute you’re viewing by.

Can I enable View by ‘Show Other’ for charts other than donut?

No, only donut charts support showing the "Other" grouping for the attribute being viewed by at this time.

How can I create a stacked line chart?

You can do this by creating an area chart and setting the stacked toggle to "On".

Why doesn't the summary row value add up to the sum of all the rows?

The summary row is a roll-up of the selected metric, recalculated at an aggregate level. It is not a sum or average of the rows in the table. This approach ensures the most accurate and relevant insights for overall performance.

For example, for the "Closed conversations" metric it represents the count of unique conversations closed. The summary row displays the total number of unique conversations closed over the specified date range, following the metric's definition. If it was to sum up the values in the rows below it, then it would often have a higher count as a single conversation might be closed by multiple teammates.

Team performance

How can I set up a Display Unit to showcase live statistics for agent performance and overall performance daily?

Intercom does not have a direct method to set up a Display Unit for live statistics. However, you can use an external screen share and display a reporting page such as the Real-Time Dashboard or the Customer Support Overview Report to showcase agent performance and overall performance daily.

Analyzing data

How can I export and analyze data older than 3 years?

You can export conversation from within 2 years in the Intercom UI. For conversations older than 2 years, you can use the Conversations API to extract full conversations. First, list the conversations, and then use GET for individual conversation ID's here.

What is a conversation action?

A conversation action refers to specific actions performed within a conversation. These include tasks such as assignments, replies, and closing conversations. For example, using Chart Drill-In for the "replies sent" metric will display the replies sent by teammates to end users within the selected date period. By clicking on the action ID, you can preview the specific message sent.

How is company data handled in a CSV export when a user is part of multiple companies?

Where there are multiple companies, the values are all exported separated by commas.


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