How to cancel your subscription

Learn how to cancel an Intercom subscription.

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Monthly or annual subscriptions

If you pay monthly or yearly for your Intercom subscription and you'd like to cancel, you can do this from your workspace.

Go to Billing > Billing settings and click on Cancel subscription.

Once cancelled, you’ll retain access to Intercom until the end of your current billing period and you won’t be billed for this subscription in the next period.


If you have a contracted subscription, you'll need to contact your Account Manager about cancelling your subscription.


What happens if I cancel an Intercom subscription?

You will retain access to your Intercom account until your next renewal date, but you will lose access after that date.

If I pay yearly, can I change to pay monthly for my subscription?

Currently no, if you're already paying for an annual subscription this can't be changed to a monthly subscription midway through your billing period.

If I pay yearly, can I still cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel an annual subscription from the Billing settings page. It will be canceled at the end of your 12 month billing period and won't renew.

Annual subscriptions are paid for upfront and will not get a prorated refund if cancelled early.

Can I pay for a subscription in installments?

No, upfront payment is required for the chosen subscription and billing cycle at checkout.


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